1. Image Upload 2
    • Gauguin, Vision after the sermon [Jacob wrestling with the angel], 1888 Post Imressionist
    • (goes to Brittany-Breton people,looking for influences that defy traditional art looking at NON western art, Breton ppl famous for wrestling matches, supernatural appearance, Jacob wrestling angel; groud=red=struggle, away from natural to his own point of view/vision; brake the canvas with apple tree=real world vs mistical; cow=energy of women; Gaugain was a leader of artistic school (nabis=followers)
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    Serusier, landscape in the bois d'amour 1888 He was a Nubi=follower of Gauguin, Abstract painting on cogar box sketch, still in nature though own temperment; wave throuigh the forest alley of trees; resemblance/embody the spirit ABSTRACT=starts in nature and moves away from it. Non-Objective=no basis of nature Post Impressionism
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    Vallotton, Intimacies, Money 1898 his silhouette blocks her figure; spectator fills in the story; your projections-viewer involved, Print Post Imp
  4. Image Upload 8
    Vallotton, Mother and sister of the artist 1893 intimate, private experience, mother'shousehold, intimate scale, decorative painting different textiles and patterns, mother=tailor; psychological feeling of people; figure against the ground; mother's dress pops out/dominates; the sister's blends into the wallpaper,room closing in on her, she doesnt fit in.Post Imp
  5. Image Upload 10
    Van Gogh, Bedroom, Arles 1888 'absolute restfullness' sharp edges, walls going in, pic or morrow=window. your opinion if it is restfull or not. Post Imp
  6. Image Upload 12
    van Gogh, Stary Night 1889 symbolist, imaginary, blending elements of reality and imaginary, bottom different elements of picture-collage-like-bottom, hills-combine village scene; comes from youth in Holand, church-ancours the community, Dutch architecture rather then French-real world profoundly changed, 'someone plows their fields'=emposto paint=feel like a landscape. Post Imp
  7. Image Upload 14
    Gauguin, The spirit of the dead watches over her 1892, mistress of Gauguin, young girl, sold off, 'terified' =ghost spirit; sold, valnurable, scared. (Tahitian=Tahiti=colony of France 1880) Post Imp
  8. Image Upload 16
    Seurat, Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte 1884-86 Pointalism, lay down basic color=dots reflect light on them and create new color= Optical Mixing; spectator is the one that finishes the painting, anonamous style=objective style of painting. 'Puppet Theater'=artificail, dressed up governess; upperclass people, $ teather of life.
  9. Image Upload 18
    Seurat, Circus Sideshow 1887, sell you in show-go behind the picture-go inside the circus, flat, poster, buildboard-inviting to go in but no space to go in to, night time, shadows occuping, gas lamps, abstract pattering, how light reacts with color= chromo-luminarism
  10. Image Upload 20
    Toulouse, La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge 1891 (poster) post imp? outlining and bright patch of color=cloisounism; "The Greedy One" the guy "boneless one" using a celebrity to advertise the Moulin Rouge.
  11. Image Upload 22
    Cezanne, Wife in yellow chair 1893, torso doesnt break, no right angle, space is suggestive but not consistant, getting rid of natural space. Post Imp.?
  12. Image Upload 24
    Cezanne, Bay seen from L'estaque 1885 number of techniques, flatten the space entirely, moves up and dowl the canvas, forground, middle ground b/g. tilt everything. "not a window you look through"Post Imp
  13. Image Upload 26
    Rodin, Age of Bronze 1875-76, (wounded soldier) work delt w/military loss, kind of sculpture that delt with defeat w/germany. did not originally carried a sphere=modeled by a soldier=gets rid of the narative=possible meaning by getting rid of sphere, poetic possibilities, move away from naturalism to abstract, wanted real people not models gesture, goes around the clay=whole perspective, arm over head=traditionial h=sleepy, v=wounded, change of state=asleep or dying.
  14. Image Upload 28
    Rodin, Monument to the Burghers of Calais 1884-95 PaloAlto, (veriety of versions) wanted a monument/heroic tribute, Calais=(story)=town being beseeched by english king-when famine arrives=have 6 most noble people demeen themselves in underwear and no shoes to save town; defeated/invaded country=wanted marching crowd;Rodin doesnt do that, no notion of heroism, gestures=suffering, frozen in place, questioning, Town wanted a sculpture in that place, Rodin places on ground, eye level, personal decision, open ended narative, variety of stories, Modern=sculpture w/ground;environment, redefine space. Post-imp.
  15. Image Upload 30
    Klimt, Anticipation, 1905-08, Art Neuveau=new art/jugendstil=young style, Egyptions like, pyramids, eyes, pattern in b/g
  16. Image Upload 32
    Klimt, Hope II 1907-08 Art neuveau and symbolism?, loss of a child, skull=often in crusification, religious significance and golgotha (place of crucifiction) elegent women, f/g=redhead 3 Maries=part of pattern. emulating structure of icon paintings, kind of naturalism
  17. Image Upload 34
    Kirchner, Street-Dresden 1908 German Expressionism=2 comb movements 1.Bridge (Die Brucke) 2. Blue Riders. scene of main street, explores the city,populated, walking though crowd and being lonely, colorful characters=can be whomever you want to be, nobody to anyone,emphasis on fashion, self presentation, masked faces, doesnt know whats behind them. little girl=center, devorced from everyone else.
  18. Image Upload 36
    Kirchner, Self-portrait as Soldier 1915, German Expressionism, loss of power, (nerve exhaustion and substance abuse) rise of Nazism='Degenerate Art Exhibition'. he is dressed in military uniform=lack of power, noticable things 1.eyes and 2. hands; eyes=blind/clouded and hands are cut off. hand is green,removed/broken body, volnurability=Froid=sexual. background nude model=2 different planes=political
  19. Image Upload 38
    Kandinsky, Comp. # 4 1911 (blue rider style=1903 blue=masculine, spiritual,primative color, universal color, he liked the color blue and friend mark liked horses, heaven to earth, knight) form of a horse, moving away, russian malitia=cossacks.
  20. Image Upload 40
    Matisse, Luxury 1904-05 (Fauvism=1cloisonnism= post-Impressionist painting with bold and flat forms separated by dark contours 2.Pointalism) short strokes,expressive, emulating pointalism, almost blend in with b/g if no contour lines, nudes=incomplete from Inges, getting rid of figure ground relationship. Little bod only male=spectator of luxury, Mme matisse fully dressed.
  21. Image Upload 42
    Matisse, Woman in Hat 1905 Fauvism term by Luis Vouxcelles-'child like quality' 'wild beast' wild, spontanious, we will devour the pic and artist. gave matisse publicity he much needed.
  22. Image Upload 44
    Matisse, Joy of Life, 1905-06 Fauvism, outlines like Goughan, nude in landscape, Theme=women as landscape, feminine, shephard=only male/non-f assosiation. middle ground=dance all women, dance=sardana-folk jog.
  23. Image Upload 46
    Matisse, Red Studio 1911 Fauvism, (loved manuscript paintings; Islamic and Persian b/c ornament and decorative) 4 symphonic interiors; wall and ground, things just merge in one plane. destroy figure-ground relationship; no illusion of space, space for viewer to come in; paintings are another version of original not copies
  24. Image Upload 48
    Matisse, Blue Nude 1907 Fauvism, (tuareg-blue med of desert) nude in landscape, painting to preserve the sculpture; feeling of woman as broken down into 1/2. 2 perspectives/views; strangeness. (trip to Algeria in 1906-french colony, women as power of authority, use blue for shading.)
  25. Image Upload 50
    • Picasso, Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907 Cubism- end of line from flatness, no longer 3d imagination ( longer natural/ pic diff from reality, 2. embrasing non-western artshocker around the world) incorporate non-western traditions, unatural;broken into planes, prysm space, women are not illusionistic/space, masked heads=can't read their faces/individuality. impossible to see back and face at same time, reclining figure is standing vertically, rid of morality=body is for sale,
    • crystal cubism=broken down to one geometric unit; triangular form
  26. Image Upload 52
    Picasso, Gertrude Stein, 1905-06 american poet/author, went to harward and john hopkins, had to sit down 80 times for Picasso to paint, paints mask over her face, not emphasising femininty, basing this potrait on Inges' Louis-frencois Bertin 1832-rising class,
  27. Image Upload 54
    Braque, Violin and Palette 1909 Cubism, Trompe l'oeil=tick painting; nail and shadow as illusion, nail=hand up picture, piercing the closed wound, In Violin and Palette, the segmented parts of the violin, the sheets of music, and the artist’s palette are vertically arranged, heightening their correspondence to the two-dimensional surface.
  28. Image Upload 56
    Picasso, Ma Jolie =Pretty one 1911 cubism, foreground with background no figure, challange to see the 'pretty one', scafolding everywhere, throughout work less is more, light to dark values, not a figure, writing on work.
  29. Image Upload 58
    Braque, The Portuguese 1911 cubism, analytic, fragment of writing, fragment of reality, assembly line, light-dark=lighter/white brush strokes, man=disapears, cafe window through is the person; fragmented-analytic cubism=brake down symple building blocks
  30. Image Upload 60
    Picasso, Still life with chair caning, 1912 collage=french meaning 'to glue'; critique of reprisentation. some elements from scratch other from reality, oval picture = glass top of cafe table, chair slide under the table-kind of window? rope=metaphore for frame and piping aroundtable. jou=newspaper =jpurnal, jouer=to play = jouir sexual.
  31. Image Upload 62
    Picasso, Guitar, sheet music and glass 1912 cubism 'glued papers'= colle papier; representing real thing=guitar, constructed out of paper, fragment, only has the hole
  32. Image Upload 64
    Picasso, Guitar, 1912 sheet metal, nontraditional medium, sculpture, no longer stone/marble, more commercial=cardboard, hanged up on wall, flat and frontal like a picture, solid back plane, form project=hole center
  33. Image Upload 66
    Picasso, 3 Musicians 1921 synthetic cubism=build something complex, painting based on collage, autobibliographical=based on comedia dell'arte Italian comedians/performers, Harlequin=clown costume=picasso himself, appolinaire=whitre costume picasso's friend pierro
  34. Image Upload 68
    Matisse, Piano Lesson 1916 cubism pushes matisse to edge of abstraction, fewest shapes possible, triangle on table, fence, lawn, merging everything to one plain, b/g woman seated on high stool is also one of matisse's paintings from 1914.
  35. Image Upload 70
    Boccioni, State of Mind II Those who go 1911 Futurist= idea of movement, space and time as relavent; diagonal straightation, mementom, 2 layers of movement, enametic and geometric,
  36. Image Upload 72
    Duchamp, Nude descending a staircase, 1912 futurist, moving away from hand, relies on cubism and futurism earthly tones=cubism, fragmantation;
  37. Image Upload 74
    Boccioni, Development of a bottle in space 1912 italian futurism, sculpture, cast in multiples, still life assencially, idea of piercing the form, blend everything together, not pull out; bottle open=merger w/surrounding form to space;
  38. Image Upload 76
    Boccioni, Unique forms of continuity in space 1913 bronze, futurism, back to Rodin's Walking Man 1878, moving through space, sence of where the calf was/is tigh etc, perspective of the image on ratina-mind projects next step. pedastule=seperate , 2 parts, space flows/ freed the sculpture, play of light and shadow-machine object,
  39. Image Upload 78
    Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel 1913 Ready-made, chair and hweel, American mass production/consumerism, why cant art be? cubism=b/c non-traditional medium, form of collage in 3d, bicycle=kinestetic/movement, chair=pedastole for wheel, everyday thing. Kinetic Art out of Futurism. Art work vr industrial=usefull purpose. minimize artists' hand. get rid of 'original' only one kind.
  40. Image Upload 80
    Duchamp, Fountain 1917, ready-made, Society of independant artists=no jury no prize, everything is accepted if you pay the fee. urinal upside down, test the society=failed/didnt take it.
  41. Image Upload 82
    Brancusi, Bird in Space 1925, Duchamp='beautiful prepeller'; flight and air, essential quality of form, movement, bird and aviation, form that purched unstable heavy top, light bottom.
  42. Image Upload 84
    Brancusi, Fish 1930 rock-wave looking, oxygen, bubbles etc, passing through water, suspended on platform, floating, shape=silhouette of a fish or fin, slender, knife like, can penetrate through wave
  43. Image Upload 86
    Brancusi, Endless Column I 1918 oak, carved by hand, no logical way to stop the sculpture, sculpture as still, pedistule...
  44. Image Upload 88
    Malevich, Supermatism Painting: Airplane in Flight 1915 supremacy of pure feeling, emotional, spiritual space, defined 3d space cant determine debth of field/cant make relationship/horizontal line.
  45. Image Upload 90
    Rodchenko, Hanging Spacial Construction 1920 min amount of material to enclose the space, design principal, 1 flat oval, open space, magilarity..?
  46. Image Upload 92
    Tatlin, Monument to the third international 1919-20 syble of communism and expanding-international communism, compare to Eifel Tower, communication center at top, messages on screen, 'communist skyscrapper' 1 prob with material, 2. complex to create/spin etc. communism is as common as univeral principals reality=imposible.
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