HS Exam 1

  1. Mastery Teams
    • Robin Smith judgements-explore sexual values and attitudes of students (may be different than your own)
    • Whom do you admire/like/identify with?-identify values you identify with and admire in yourself and others
    • Knots poem-think about the vast majority that know very little about sexuality
    • Purpose/Findings of Sexual Information Survey (SIS)-find out how much sexual knowledge you have/many do not know much
  2. 3 colors on genitalia model
    • Reproduction-organs used to create offspring
    • Copulation-organs used/active during sexual activity
    • Elimination-organs used to dispel feces or urine
  3. Anatomy & Physiology
    Anatomy-part of the body

    Physiology-functions of bodily organs
  4. Who studies sexuality?
    • -scientists
    • -researchers
    • -students
  5. Sexology as interdisciplinary study
  6. Cross-cultural sexuality research
    • -all societies regulate sex in some way
    • -regulations vary in each culture

    IMPORTANCE: demonstrate variation in human sex behavior & provide evidence concering the importance of culture and learning to shape sexual behavior
  7. Multi-cultural studies of sexuality
  8. Influential sources for our personal sexual beliefs, values, attitude, and behaviors
    • -ethnicity -social class
    • - science -personal experience
    • -media -formal education
    • -peers -family
    • -technology
  9. Sigmund Freud
    • Psychodynamic perspective
    • -focuses on the Id (child in you), Ego (part of personality) , and Supergo (sense of morality-conscience)
    • -Oedipus complex/Electra complex

    -his work cannot be evaluated scientifically but is INFLUENTIAL--NOT A THEORY
  10. Albert Bandura and the Social Learning perspective
    • -imitation, identification, and self-efficacy
    • -we act that way because it's what we see
  11. Sandra Bem
    • Cognitive Theory (Gender Schema Theory)
    • -explains gender development and impact of gender on people's daily lies and thinking
  12. Definitions of sex
    -What you do-erotic behavior

    -What you are (genital appearance, reproductive role:gestation, lactation, fertilization & social category (man/woman)
  13. Gender
    • Social identity HEAVILY SHAPED BY CULTURE
    • -culturally approved behaviors, roles, attitudes, and cognition
  14. Gender schema
    • -general knowledge framework that guides our behavior and thinking
    • -EX: Real men don't wear pink
  15. Gender scripts
    • -sexual behavior is scripted much like a play in a theatre
    • -a result of elaborate prior learning that teaches us etiquette of sexual behavior
  16. Sex & science
    • Science and sex-study began in 19th century
    • -watch carefully and record systematically (observe)-MASTERS & JOHNSON
    • -ask questions w/questionairres and interviews (survey)-KINSEY
  17. Research vs. Scientific Research
    Research-the process of creating, inventing, or discovering new knowledge and understanding

    • Scientific research-discovery of new knowledge and understanding via set of agreed rules after applying scientific method
    • -ask questions, collect data, organize & share data
    • -values: accuracy, objectivity, skepticism, open-mindedness
  18. Dependent Variable/Independent Variable
    The independent variable is also called an experimental variable. It is the variable being manipulated in the experiment in order to show the effect to the dependent variable.

    The dependent variable is also called the response variable. It is the variable being observed in the experiment.
  19. Surveys
    -asking questions via questionairres and interviews

    -good-representative sample
  20. Strengths and weaknesses of correlational research
  21. Correlations
    correlation- between a relationship with 2 variables
  22. Female anatomy
    • -vulva-collective term for external genitals of female
    • -labia majora and labia minora-inner & outer lips
    • -citoris-sensitive organ
    • -vagina-tube shaped organ that penis enters
  23. Male sexual anatomy
    • -penis
    • -testes-glands in scrotum that manufacture sperm and sex hormone
    • -seminiferous tubules-tubes in the testes that manufacture sperm
    • -epididymis-a highly coiled tube located on the edge of the testis where sperm mature
    • -vas deferens-tube through which sperm pass between testes and epididymiss, out of scrotum, and to the urethra
  24. Analogous Organs
    organs in males and femals that have similar functions
  25. Homologous organs
    organs in the male and female that develop from the same embryonic tissue
  26. Vasocongestion
    accumulation of blood in a region of the body, especially the genitals; a swelling or erection results
  27. Penis (flacid/erect)
  28. Male circumcision
    -surgical removal of foreskin

    • -part of Jewish religion
    • -symbolizes the covenant between God and Jews
    • -Muslims perform it too
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