Macbeth Act I

  1. Where do the witches plan to meet and why?
    upon the heath when the war is over to meet with Macbeth
  2. What did Macbeth do in the battle?
    killed Macdonwald, and put his head on the battlements
  3. Macbeth is referred to as whose mate?
  4. What is gonna happen to the Thane?
    execution and his title goes to Macbeth
  5. Who is a traitor?
    the Thane of Cawdor
  6. What is Macbeth Thane of?
    cawdor and Glamis
  7. What do they suggest about Norway?
    whether he was combined with those of Norway or did supporty the rebel with hidden help and vantage; or taht with both he labored in his country's wrack
  8. True Or False:
    The Thane confessed his treasons implored the kings pardon and set forth a deep reprentence
  9. true
  10. Malcomn has the name __
    prince of cumberland
  11. Who aer the kings sons?
    malcolm and donalbain
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