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  1. Name any sparkling wine AOC of the Loire
    Cremant de Loire
  2. Name the synonym & sub-region for Muscadet
    Melon de Bourgogne, Pays Nantais
  3. Name the grapes of Sancerre & 1 similar AOC & their sub-region
    Sauvignon Blanc (Grape), Pouilly Fumé (similar AOC), Central Vineyards (Sub region)
  4. Name the grape of Vouvray & its sub-region
    Chenin Blanc, Tourraine
  5. Name the AOC of Coulee de Serrant & Roche Aux Moines & its sub-region
    Savennieres (AOC), Anjou Saumur (sub region)
  6. Describe Kimmeridgian & Silex soils
    Kimmeridgian plate with top soil largely consisting of sea shells. Silex is clay, limestone, silica mix that gives off a flinty smell in wines.
  7. Name two AOCs of Loire for Cabernet Franc & their sub-region
    Chinon, Bourgueil (2 AOCs), Touraine (sub region)
  8. Name 2 AOCs for botrytis wines & their sub-region
    Chaume and Quarts de Chaume (AOCs), Anjou Saumur (sub region)
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