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  1. Nearly 3 of every 4 Americans have replaced traditional light bulbs with CFL light bulbs. What do the letters CFL stand for?
    Compact Flourescent Lamps
  2. Who is accused of poisoning the oak trees of Auburn University's Toomers Corner?
    Harvey Updyke
  3. Who is the most sough after autograph?
    of the President
  4. What natural disasters are forecaster predictingfor the US Midwest this spring?
  5. Federal prosecutors charged how many people with bilk $225 million from the Medicare system?
  6. The military has recently repealed what rule?
    Don't ask Don't tell
  7. What is the name of the drug used to stop premature birth that the FDA has warned may cause maternal heart problems and death?
  8. What new exhibit will open April 2nd at the Atlanta Aquarium?
    the dolphin exhibit
  9. What are the two states involved with GA in the Water Wars?
    Florida and Alabama
  10. Blake Griffin, Clipper's forward, won the NBA's Slam Dunk Competition by dunking over the hood of what kind of car?
    KIA Optima
  11. Cyclist Azizulhasni Awang has a crash at The Track World Cup in Manchester England, what happened to him?
    He had a7.8 inch peice of the track pierce his left calf
  12. A member of the ICE team was shot and killed on February 15th. What does ICE stand for?
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  13. A Phoenix, AR man, Faleh Hassan Al Maleki, was convicted of murdering his 20 ear old daughter. Why did he kill her?
    It was an "honor killing" because she refused an arranged marriage
  14. What does PET stand for in PET scan?
    Positron Emission tomography
  15. What world leader vowed, "I will die as a martyr at the end."?
  16. Joran van der Sloot plans to plead guilty due to temporary insanity for what crime?
    The murder of Stephany Flores - a Peruvian student murdered on May 30th.
  17. The Georgia Supreme Court voted 6-1 to uphold what voting law?
    checking of ID's at time of vote
  18. AirTran Airways is the official sponsor of what Pro team?
    Atlanta Falcons
  19. Wes Leonard of Fennville High School in olland, MI ded moments after making the game winning shot (65-54) at the basketball game. What did he die of?
    cardiac arrest due to enlarged heart
  20. Georgia College in Milledgeville has announced the launch of a program for their science school in which students will go to school and live in one building, atten classes year around, saving them $15,000 in expenses, in order to do what?
    graduate in 3 years
  21. Charie Sheen wants to meet Chuck Lorre in what arena?
    UFC octagon
  22. What famed WWI pin-up and actress died at the age of 89 on March 1st?
    Jane Russell -respiratory failure
  23. A Houston bound Continental Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing due to what in flight problem?
    a bird was sucked into the engine
  24. Frank Buckles, 110 years old, dies recently. What was he the last of?
    WWI veterans
  25. What former World Boxing Champ will appear on Dancing with the Stars?
    Sugar Ray Leonard
  26. What percentage of drivers surf the web behin the wheel?
  27. What is Mike Tyson's newest project?
    racing homing pigeons
  28. Who stole the show at the introduction of the new iPad2?
    CEO Steve Jobs
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