Vocab 11 entry words(130915)

  1. Acquiesce
    (v.) to agree; to give consent without resistance
  2. Ardent
    (adj.) eager; extremely enthusiastic; passionate
  3. Dupe
    • (n.) one who has been misled or deceived
    • (v.) to fool or trick
  4. Esoteric
    (adj.) difficult to understand; known only to a few with specialized training or knowledge
  5. Ethereal
    (adj.) airy; insubstantial; heavenly
  6. Fastidious
    (adj.) fussy; excessivly picky
  7. Fulsome
    (adj.) offensive; repulsive; lacking in good taste
  8. Hedonist
    (n.) one who lives only for pleasure or self-gratification
  9. Impediment
    (n.) obstacle; hindrance; a bodily defect that obstructs a function
  10. Inexorable
    (adj.) inflexible; relentless; unable to be persuaded or moved
  11. Latent
    (adj.) hidden; not visible or apparent at the present time
  12. Maudlin
    (adj.) Excessively sentimental- to the point of weeping
  13. Munificent
    (adj.) extremely generous
  14. Myopic
    (adj.) shortsighted; lacking in foresight
  15. Perfunctory
    (adj.) done carelessly or routinely, or done without enthusiasm
  16. Provincial
    • (n.) a hick; someone who is from the country
    • (adj) narrow-minded, limited in outlook
  17. Sanguine
    (adj.) cheerful; hopeful; optimistic/ bloody/ red; ruddy; rosy-cheeked
  18. Sublime
    (adj.) uplifting; emotionally elevating; lofty; splendid
  19. Temporal
    (adj.) time-related; worldly (as opposed to heavenly); temporary
  20. Undulate
    (v.) to move like waves- up and down or back and forth
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Vocab 11 entry words(130915)
Vocab 11 entry words