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  1. from superior to inferior the regions would be
    cervical, thoracic lunbar sacrum cocyx
  2. skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle both have
  3. sense of taste
  4. sense of smell
  5. the olfactory receptors also asit in the
    sense of taste
  6. steroid hormones have their receptor in the nucleus
    camp 2bd messanger
  7. non-steroid
    protien synthesis
  8. t4 thyroxin
  9. ___are the blood component with the highest density
    red blood cells
  10. vitamin K
  11. a antigen and b antibody
    blood type a
  12. no antigens
    type o
  13. ___is found in the plama but not in the serum
  14. a patient with a thicker than normal buffy coat may have an
    infection or leukemia
  15. a patient with a thinner than normal buffy coat may have
  16. aplastic anemia can be caused by
    damaged to blood forming elments in the bone marrow
  17. in the pumping heart action of the heart
    atrial systole preceeds ventricular systole
  18. the right side of the heart deals with
  19. the correct sequence for conduction system
    sa node, av node, av bundle, purkinje
  20. the first blood vessel of systemic crculation
  21. the viscosity level increases
    an increase in blood pressure
  22. the____is the last vein is the last blood vessel of the circulation
  23. central venous blood pressure
    can be almost zero in the inferior vena cava
  24. cardiac output
    2 above
  25. artieries
    carry blood away from the heart
  26. veins
    carries blood back to the heart
  27. flu shot
    artificial active immunity
  28. mother to fetus
    natural active immunity
  29. had the measles
    natural active immunity
  30. gamma globulin
    artificialpassive immunity
  31. antigens cause immature B cells to become
    plasma cells
  32. long term memory immunity occurs when
    B cells form memory cells
  33. an important fuction of the lymph nodes
    2 above
  34. oxygen in the lungs converts hemaglobin
    to oxyhemaglobin
  35. cartoid
    increase blood carbon decrese blood o2 increase acidity
  36. the glottis is the space between the
    vocal cords
  37. ___are important in chemical digestion
  38. amylase is made the
    pancrease and salivary glands
  39. drains bile from the liver
    hepatic duct
  40. drains bile from the gallbladder
    cystic duct
  41. are ablsrbed large intestine
    salts vitamin k and water
  42. called glucose anabolism
  43. food enters cell and undergoes changes
  44. only hormone that lowers blood glucose levels
  45. vtamins can be stored in the liver if they are fat soluable
    organic compounds
  46. minerals
    inorganic substances attach to enzymes
  47. is usually greater than the BMR
  48. TMR greater than the BMR
    Increases as activities increase
  49. to safely loose weight
    decrease caloric intake below TMR
  50. liver cells
    cannot store vitamins like vitamin C
  51. plasma membranes made by liver
    prothrombin fibrinogen and albumin
  52. renal pelvis drains into the
  53. urine produced not be removed
  54. nitogenous wastes in the blood are the result of
    protien catabolism
  55. cannot be reabsorbed by the
  56. females have than men
  57. the regulation of ph
    all of the above
  58. patients with biacarbonate deficit
    metabolic acidosis
  59. carbonic acid excess
    respiratory alkalosis
  60. the organ esential to the male reproductive system
  61. the acrosome of the sperm cell
    contains enzymes that help break down the covering of the ovum
  62. ___tube that leaves the scrobatal sac and enters the abdominal cavity
    ductus deferens
  63. fertilization normally occurs in the
  64. the corpus leuteum
    functions as a gland during secretory phase
  65. ___phase begins at ovulation and ends at the start of the menses
    the secretory phase
  66. part of the female reproductive cycle during which estrogen secretion reaches its highest level
    proliferation phase
  67. functions of the placenta
    resperatory organ excretory organ and endocrine organ
  68. stage 3 of labor ends with the
    expulsion of the placenta from the uterus
  69. calcification harding of the arteries is also called
  70. an increase in the presure inside the eyeball is called
  71. the term fetus is used after the
    the first 8 weeks of pregnancy
  72. when a patient recieves a bone marrow transplant the ability to make
    RBC's WBC's and the restoration of part of the immune system
  73. the symptoms of ___would include lack of coordination, diaphoresis and incoherence
    diabetes melitus
  74. ___would continue if diuretic does not work
    edema (2 above)
  75. if a patient is not ovulating regularly a dr would check
    FSH and LH
  76. If an atom has 5 electrons in its energy levels it will need
    5 more to fill the last energy level
  77. an atom has an atomic mass of 32 what is most likely to be the number of protons and neutrons
  78. there are 8 electrons in the___level of an atom like chlorine
  79. if an atom has more protons than electons it will have a
    positive charge
  80. if an atom has more electrons it will have a
    negative charge
  81. substance less than ph 7 is an
  82. greater ph than 7
  83. a solution has 100 times more H+ ions than one with a ph of 5 would have a ph of
  84. sodium and fluroide combine
    NaF becomes -
  85. A T C G= DNA pairs
    T A G C= DNA pairs
  86. A U C G= RNA pairs
    U A G C= RNA pairs
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