French Reflexive Verbs

  1. Se reveiller
    to wake up
  2. se lever
    to get up
  3. se laver (les mains, la figure, les cheveux)
    to wash up ( to wash your hands, face, hair)
  4. s'habiller
    to get dressed
  5. se brosser (les dents, les cheveux)
    to brush (your teeth, hair)
  6. se peigner (les cheveux)
    to comb (your hair)
  7. se maquiller
    to put on makeup
  8. se raser
    to shave
  9. se promener
    to take a walk
  10. se reposer
    to rest
  11. se coucher
    to go to bed
  12. s'amuser
    to have fun
  13. s'arreter
    to stop
  14. se depecher
    to hurry
  15. s'excuser
    to apologize
  16. se souvenir (de)
    to remember
  17. se taire
    to be quiet
  18. s'asseoir
    to sit down
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French Reflexive Verbs
French Reflexive Verbs