Bobby's Random Notecards III

  1. Depression next to Lake Chad
    Bodele Depression
  2. First Republican governor of Ohio
    Salmon P Chase
  3. Drafted the Free Soil platform
    Salmon P Chase
  4. Incorporated into the Sevres Peace Treaty
    Balfour Declaration
  5. Vitus Bering's ship
    St. Peter
  6. A guy on this man's exploration discovered a sea cow
    Vitus Bering
  7. "Hobbits" were found on this island
  8. Russian who was a professor at Stanford late in life
    Alexander Kerensky
  9. Texas governor shor during the JFK assassination by Oswald
    John Connally
  10. Originally formed in an attempt to halt Louis XIV
    League of Augsburg (Grand Alliance)
  11. War fought between Louis XIV and the Grand Alliance
    War of the League of Augsburg (9 Years War)
  12. Lowest point of Mexico
    Laguna Salada
  13. Earliest amendment cited in Griswold v Connecticut
    3rd Amendment
  14. Largest of the Galapagos Islands
  15. Cerna Hora and Sumava Rivers form...
    Vltava River
  16. Cycle that produces lactic acid
    Cori Cycle
  17. Won Battle of Pichincha
  18. Won Battle of Ayacucho
  19. 1948 Progressive Party Candidate
    Henry Wallace
  20. Before VP Henry Wallace was these two positions...
    • Sec of Agriculture
    • Sec of Commerce
  21. Last doge of Venice
    Ludovico Menin
  22. Secret governing body of Venice
    Council of Ten
  23. Paper edited by Totsky
  24. Secretary of the Treasury to Rutherford B Hayes
    John Sherman
  25. Campaign manager of John Sherman
    James Garfield
  26. Infrastructure-related act signed by Grover Cleveland
    Interstate Commerce Act
  27. Cabinet position created by Grover Cleveland
    Secretary of Agriculture
  28. Defeated at Bannockburn
    Edward II
  29. Big French Foreign Legion holiday
    Comaron Day
  30. US general at Cowpens
    Daniel Morgan
  31. Taiwan coalition
    Pan-Blue Coalition
  32. Established by Peter the Great as part of his church reform
    Most Holy Synod
  33. Last antipope
    Amadeus VIII
  34. Lectures on Jurisprudence
    Adam Smith
  35. Appointed John Cabot to explore stuff
    Henry VII
  36. Notable Maratha emperor
  37. President of Biafra for a short time in Nigeria
  38. Notable race of people in Nigeria
  39. Newsletter launched by Margaret Sanger
    The Woman Rebel
  40. Economic hub of Singapore (street)
    Orchard Road
  41. Position created by US Grant
    Surgeon General
  42. Three-time president of Panama always overthrown in coups
    Arnulo Arias Madrid
  43. Charlemagne forced these people to baptize
  44. Group that tried to seize power from Richard II
    Lords Appellant
  45. Led a lesser rebellion against Richard II
    Jack Straw
  46. The Race to the Sea was at this battle
  47. Longest peninsula on Newfoundland
    Great Northern Peninsula
  48. Southern peninsula on Newfoundland
    Avalon Peninsula
  49. Explored the coast between the Carolinas and Newfoundland
    Giovanni Verrazzano
  50. Husband of Lady Jane Grey
    Guilford Dudley
  51. Largest island in the Hebrides
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