1. Who was Soren Kierkegaard?
    a 19th-century Danish philosopher who wrote abbout his belief that fear and loneliness can be associated with religion
  2. Who was St. Augustine?
    a Medieval Christian church leader who developed the idea that reason and faith are compatible
  3. Who was St. Thomas Aquinas?
    an Italian philosopher and theologian
  4. Who was Thomas Hobbes?
    a 17th-century English philosopher who argued the need for a strong government in order to prevent people from falling into a savage existence
  5. Who was John Dewey?
    an American philosopher and educational reformer and one of the founders of the school of pragmatism
  6. Who was Jean-Paul Sartre?
    a 20th-century French existentialist
  7. Who was Jean-Jacques Rousseau?
    an 18th-century French philosopher who was a leader of the Enlightenment movement
  8. Who was Jacques Derrida?
    an Algerian-born French philosopher and founder of deconstruction
  9. Who was Immanuel Kant?
    a German philosopher, one of the leading modern-day philosophers
  10. Who was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz?
    a great 17th-century rationalist and philosopher that argued that God created a good world
  11. Who was George Berkeley?
    an Irish idealist who argued that only the mental existed
  12. Who was Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel?
    a German philosopher who asserted that all history was a progression toward a perfect state of being
  13. Who was Friedrich Nietzsche?
    a German moralist, rejected traditional Christian and Jewish morality
  14. Who was David Hume?
    a Scottish Empiricist known for his assertion that inductive knowledge is not certain
  15. Who was Bertrand Russell?
    a 20th-century English philosopher and mathematician
  16. Who was Aristotle?
    a student of Plato and the teacher of Alexander the Great
  17. Who was Plato?
    Socrate's student
  18. Who was Rene Descartes?
    a 17th-century French philosopher, considered the father of modern philosophy
  19. Who was Socrates?
    an ancient Greek philosopher who changed the nature of the field from natural sciences to ethics and politics
  20. Who was Niccolo Machiavelli?
    a famous political philosopher of the Italian Renaissance
  21. Who was Martin Heidegger?
    a German philosopher best known for his book, Being and Time, where he questioned the essence of being
  22. Who was John Stuart Mill?
    a 19th-century English philosopher and economist who advoacted liberal political thought
  23. Who was Karl Marx?
    an initial follower of Hegel, a German philosopher who took some of Hegel's ideas and transformed them into communism
  24. Who was John Locke?
    an English empiricist
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