1. The RS must have the flexibility, strength, endurance, and equipment to function for how many minutes in heavy seas?
  2. The RS must have the skills to provide what type of life-support for the rescued individuals?
    Basic Life Support
  3. The decision to deploy the RS is initiated by whom?
  4. Does the RS have the authority to decline deployment if he assesses the situation to be beyond his capabilities?
  5. Whe should a unit send a RS SAR deployment message?
    Dramatic noteworthy case, RS saves a life, Practical lessons learned, problem with RS equipment arise
  6. An example of the standard RS SAR deployment message can be found where?
    3710.4 Annex A
  7. Where can you find the authorized RS equipment decriptions and maintenance procedures?
    Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Operations Manual (3710.4B)
  8. What must the RS wear if being hoisted to a vessel?
    Flight Helmet
  9. What shall RS wear during all night operations, regardless of water/air temp?
    Wet/dry suit hood or surf cap with solas grade retro-reflective tape
  10. What manual contains pilot, flight mechanic, and RS initial and recurrent flight training requirements for RS operations?
  11. What chapter of the 3710.4b contains the swimming, physical fitness, and EMT training requirements?
    Chapter 3
  12. What manual contains pilot and flight mechanic normal & emergency procedures for RS operations?
    Helicopter Flight Manual
  13. How often shall the RS inspect and adjust all items in his equipment bag?
    Prior to every RS training flight
  14. How often shall the RS inspect the units supplemental RS SAR and EMT equipment?
    At the beginning of each duty day
  15. A sling/Harness deployment is used when?
    • At night
    • Debris in the water
    • Broken ice in water
    • Questionable water debth
  16. What should the RS do when the FM taps him once on the chest?
    Release gunners belt
  17. While performing a free fall deployment where should the RS's hands be placed?
    • Left hand on mask
    • Right hand on chest
  18. In what annex of the 3710.4 are the RS hand signals listed?
    Annex B
  19. Prior to being lowered at night or during low visability conditions the RS and rescue hook shall be illuminated by what?
    4 inch chemlight
  20. During a direct deployment where is the quick-strop positioned?
    Either shoulder
  21. After being lifted clear of the deck during a direct deployment the hoist operator will stop hoisting to ___?
    Allow RS to check harness for comfort
  22. If being hoisted to the water for a direct deployment how close shall the RS be positioned to the survivor?
    2-3 feet
  23. When may you send a strop survivors without the RS during vertical surface operations?
  24. During vertical surface operations the RS should bend at what degrees from the waist?
  25. When ready to lose positive contact, the correct signal to the helicopter is what?
    Give ready for pick up signal followed by pointing away from the vertical surface.
  26. During a direct deployment when is it permissable to allow the survivor to enter the cabin after the RS?
  27. When dealing with a survivor with severe hypothermia which recovery method should be employed?
  28. In the event the survivor grabs the RS preventing the application of the strop during a vertical surface rescue what should the RS do?
    Immediately grip the survivor under the arms and interlock his hands while the aircraft is conned down and the hoist continued either to the ground or into the aircraft.
  29. While using a Rear Surface approach when should a "quick reverse" be executed?
    2-3 feet
  30. During an underwater approach at what point should the RS execute a surface dive?
    6-8 feet from survivor
  31. How many different types of O2 face mask connections should you be familier with?
  32. While encountering a downed aviator, the oxygen hose is connected to the RSSK seat pan by what?
    Friction adaptor
  33. Which approach should be used when rescuing a downed aviator with parachute?
    Rear Surface
  34. After using the correct approach for an aviator under a parachute which direction should you start to tow?
    Into the Wind
  35. What should suspension lines be cut with?
    Hook Knife if Necessary
  36. What is the perferred hoisting/rescue device?
  37. What may you deploy to multiple survivors without floatation?
    Uninflated raft(s), or inflated lefe-vests
  38. How close should the Helo deliver the litter or Basket to the RS?
    5-10 feet
  39. What type of tows should the survivor be towed with when being placed into a litter?
    Collar Tow or Equipment Carry
  40. When using the Rescue Litter, what should be the first strap to connect?
    Chest Strap, under the arms over the chest.
  41. If employing a MADPU recovery, and the survivor is wearing a Navy integrated torso harness, why should you use extreme caution?
    The "D" ring on the Navy harness and the snap hook on the RS Harness become disconnected easily.
  42. What radio vectoring command should you give to stop the helicopter from turning?
    "stop turn"
  43. Between vectoring commands and advisories, the RS should do what?
  44. What chapter in the 3710.4 contains RS training requirements?
    Chapter 3
  45. How often is Bloodborne Pathogens training required?
  46. Where would you find the required frequency of a Standardization Check?
    3710.1 Chapter 4
  47. How often are litter drills required?
  48. ANNEX A
    Standard RS Deployment Message
  49. ANNEX B
    RS Hand Signals
  50. ANNEX C
    "Cardio" RS Training Heart Rate
  51. ANNEX D
    Stretch & Exercise Description
  52. ANNEX E
    "DUCK-E" Survivor Syllabus
  53. ANNEX F
    "F-light" Flight Syllabus
  54. ANNEX G
    PT and Deployment Clothing
  55. ANNEX H
    Authorized Equipment List
  56. ANNEX I
    Training Record and Screening Exam
  57. ANNEX J
    SDAP Certification
  58. How long are preexercise stretches held for?
    15 Seconds
  59. Who can administer the monthly shop PT exam?
    Shop Supervisor or RS FEB member
  60. A RS who does not pass the monthly screen exam or any part of the exam must do what?
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