6-8th grade CST questions

  1. why did the stone age people practice slash and burn africlture?
    to clear land for farming
  2. which development most enabled early peoples to form permanent settlements?
    advances in agriculture production
  3. hammurabi's code of ancient mesopotamian society was important because it...
    listed the laws and the corresponding punishments
  4. the art and architecture of ancient egypt were designed to emphasize the...
    religious idea of eternal life
  5. it is visiable from great distances. it is a reminder to all who see itof the wealth and power of the leader of the people who built it and of his glory and greatness as a god here on the earth.
    the speaker in the passage above is referring to the...
    egyptian pharaoh and his pyramid
  6. cuneiform and hierolgyphics were important achievements in the development of...
    written language
  7. the ten commandments of the ancient hebrews has had the greatest influence on the development of western...
    moral and ethical teachings
  8. jewish scripture says that god's law were delivered to the ancient hebrews by...
  9. the diaspora, the dispersing of the jewish people refers to thier...
    exile from thier homeland
  10. greece's mountainous terrian and its serirs of small islands influenced the ancient greels to develop...
    a poitical system based on independent city states
  11. we regaurd an individual who takes no interest in public affairs not as harmless, but as useless.
    -pericle's funeral oration
    the quotation above illistrates the importance ancient athenians placed on individual participation in the...
    political process of the city state
  12. the legacy of ancient greek myths and epics, such as iliad, continues to provide people with...
    heroic figures and great adventures
  13. atlas- a collection of maps
    herculean- very pwerful
    lybyrinth- a maze
    olympian- majestic, honored
    all of these words used in the english language today in myths of the...
  14. ancient greeks used myths about their gods primarily to...
    explain events in the natural world
  15. in 480 b.c., the independent greek city states formed an alliance inder the leadership of athens and sparta during their conflict with the...
  16. how did the rise to power and reign of alexander most affect greece?
    he ended the power of the city states and established a unified nation
  17. where is the the indus river valley and the early civiliztion it supported close to?
    the arabian sea
  18. which statement about the hindu caste system in india is accurate?
    people were required to stay in the same caste to which they were born
  19. -began in 500s b.c.
    -hoped to preserve order in society
    -attempted to establish a harmonious society
    -created a system of ethics for society
    which individual was responible for the chinese social movement described in the text above?
  20. the chinese people turned against the teachings of confucius because his ideas were thought to help...
    restore order in china
  21. what was the main ocntribution of emperor shi huangdi to china?
    he unified most of china under onew government
  22. what effect did julius caesar's seizure of power have on the roman political system?
    it marked the transitiion from republic tp an empire
  23. the origins of checks and balances in the u.s. political system can be traced to the...
    roman republic
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