1. in a way that shows friendliness
    amiably (adv.)
  2. travelers journeying together; a line of cars or other vehicles traveling together
    caravan (n.)
  3. let down; dissatisfied
    disgruntled (adj.)
  4. causing fear, dread, or alarm; likely to be difficult to overcome or deal with
    formidable (adj.)
  5. appearing worn and exhausted
    haggard (adj.)
  6. not approachable
    inaccessible (adj.)
  7. outraged about something that seems unfair, unjust, or mean
    indignant (adj.)
  8. one who takes an independent stand apart from one's group
    maverick (n.)
  9. having little intelligence
    moronic (adj.)
  10. in a way that shows gloom or melancholy
    morosely (adv.)
  11. unaware of
    oblivious (adj.)
  12. disagreeable; causing anger
    offensive (adj.)
  13. in a way that is dangerously unstable or subject to chance
    precariously (adv.)
  14. extreme, drastic
    radical (adj.)
  15. harsh; disorderly
    raucous (adj.)
  16. the ability to recover quickly
    resiliency (noun)
  17. lively, nervous
    skittish (adj.)
  18. foolish or rash boldness; recklessness
    temerity (noun)
  19. in a way that shows impatience or irritation
    testily (adv.)
  20. being distant in feeling and interest; lack of sympathy
    aloofness (noun)
  21. that can be heard
    audible (adj.)
  22. not able to be heard
    inaudible (adj.)
  23. filled with a deep respect mixed with fear and wonder
    awestruck (adj.)
  24. very honestly
    candidly (adv.)
  25. to overlook or disregard
    condone (verb)
  26. to serve as a symbol of
    denote (verb)
  27. to make known; to reveal
    disclose (verb)
  28. filled with astonishment
    dumbfounded (adj.)
  29. to hesitate
    falter (verb)
  30. to fake; pretend
    feign (verb)
  31. in a way that is insulting or rude
    insolently (adv.)
  32. to mix or become mixed
    intermingle (verb)
  33. in a way that is neat and trim
    nattily (adv.)
  34. to be a regular customer of a store or business
    patronize (verb)
  35. period followinng the U.S. Civil War, when the defeated South was rebuilt physically, economically, and socially (1865-1877)
    Reconstruction (noun)
  36. to scold harshly, especially in a formal manner
    reprimand (verb)
  37. sneaky smile
    smirk (noun)
  38. to be withdrawn, as in silent resentment
    sulk (verb)
  39. excessive pride in one's appearance or accomplishments; conceit
    vanity (noun)
  40. to annoy or bother with petty or trite concerns
    vex (verb)
  41. withered; dried up
    wizened (adj.)
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