Test 11 histry deals and pacts

  1. Fair Deal
    Trumans social welfare
  2. New Frontier
    JFK liberal Program
  3. Truman Doctrine
    That Usa would act to prevent overthrow of A democracy through outside interference
  4. Marshal Plan
    european recovery plan
  5. Berlin Wall
    Seperated east and West berlin
  6. North Atlantic Pact
    Military aid to European Allies
  7. Abbington School District
    Banned School Prayers
  8. Seato
    South East Asian Treaty Organization
  9. 24th Amendment
    Outlawed Pull Tax
  10. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
    Made Vietnam conflict legal
  11. Six day war
    • 1967
    • Israel Vs Egyt, Jordan and Syria
  12. 26th amendment
    lowered voting age to 18
  13. Vietnam War
    War vs Communists
  14. Camp David accords
    Peace accord between Israel. egypt.
  15. Warsaw Pact
    Russian Defence alliance
  16. Great society
    President Johnson largest Public welfare program
  17. OPEC
    oil preduction states
  18. Three mile island
    Nuclear Test Sitee
  19. Watergate
    Discredited Nixon
  20. GI bill of Rights
    Provided Discharge pay, healthcare for veterans
  21. 22nd Amendment
    President to 2 terms only
  22. Sputnik
    1st artificial sattelite to circle earth
  23. Brown Vs Board of Education of Topeka
    Racial segregation in School Illeagls
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