Names test 11 History

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald
    Assasinated J.F.K
  2. John F. Kennedy
    Youngest elected president.
  3. Jonas Salk
    Polio Vaccine
  4. George E Marshall
    Secrtetary of Stater under Truman
  5. Jacki Robinson
    1st Black baseball player in a major league
  6. Douglas MacArthur
    Commander the start of the Korean War.
  7. Gamal Nasser
    Eegypt president at time of Israel Turn
  8. Harry S. Truman
    32 President
  9. Fidel Castro
    Leader of Cuba
  10. Joseph P. McCarthy
    anti communist investigations
  11. Winston Churchill
    British Prime Minister at the end of WWII
  12. John Glenn
    1st American In Orbit
  13. Rosenbergs
    • communists who leaked atomic secrets.
    • were executed
  14. Marting Luther King Jr
    Civil Rights leader
  15. William Westmoreland
    General in Vietnam
  16. Ayatollah Khomeini
    Iran Leader
  17. Neil Armstrong
    1st man on the moon
  18. mao Tse-Tung
    communist leader in China
  19. Chiang Kai Shek
    Chinese naturalist leader
  20. Vladimir Lenin
    Russian leader took after stalin.
  21. Gerald Ford
    President after Nixon Resigned
  22. Richard Nixon
    Vice President, Then President, Watergate.
  23. Henry kissinger
    • detente,
    • secretary of state
  24. Robert Weaver
    1st black cabinet officer
  25. Sirhan Sirhan
    assasinated Robert F Kennedy
  26. Nikita Khrushchev
    USSR leader
  27. Alan B. Shepard, Jr
    Ist american in Space
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