- TIA EXAM 5 - ASOP 13

  1. What is the purpose of ASOP 13?
    Provide guidance to actuaries when performing professional services using trending procedures to estimate future values
  2. What is the Scope of ASOP 13?
    • Applies to estimating future values using trending procedures
    • Does not apply to development
    • Can depart from guidance to comply with applicable law or other reason actuary deems appropriate
  3. Define Coverage
    terms and conditions of a contract that create an obligation for claim payment associated with contingent events
  4. Define Experience Period
    time period to which historical data pertains
  5. Define Forecast Period
    future time period of projections
  6. Define Social Influences
    Societal changes such as claims consciousness, court practices, judicial attitudesand other noneconomic factors that impact insurance costs
  7. Define Trending Period
    time over which trend is applied in projecting from the experience period to forecast period
  8. Define Trending Procedure
    • Evaluating how changes over time affect
    • claims,
    • expenses,
    • exposures,
    • premium,
    • retention rates,
    • marketing response rates, and
    • economic indices.
    • Trending procedures estimate future values by analyzing changes between exposure periods
  9. When selecting data, what is to be considered?
    • Credibility assigned to data
    • Time period for which data is available
    • Relationship to items being trended
    • Effect of known biases or distortions on data
    • *impacts of cats, seasonality, nonrecurring events, claim practices.
  10. When selecting trending procedure, actuary should consider:
    • 1. Procedures established by precedent or common usages
    • 2. Procedures in previous analysis
    • 3. Procedures that predict insurance trends based on insurance, econometrics & other non-insurance data
    • 4. Context in which the trend estimate is used in overall analysis
  11. When selecting trending period, should consider:
    • lengths of experience & forecast period
    • change in mix of business btwn experience and forecast
  12. What should actuary disclose in their communications?
    Intended purpose or use of trending procedure, including adjustments considered appropriate

    Significant adjustments to data or assumptions in trend procedure that may impact result

    • Additonal:
    • When specify range of trend estimates, should disclose basis of range provided

    Disclose assumptions, procedures, methods or models that may affect result
  13. If actuary deviates from guidance in standard, should include
    Material assumption or method prescribed by applicable law

    • Material assumption or method selected under applicable law by someone other than actuary and
    • actuary disclaims responsibility

    • Actuary disclaims responsibility for material
    • assumption or method not listed above

    Actuary otherwise deviates from guidance of ASOP
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- TIA EXAM 5 - ASOP 13
- TIA EXAM 5 - ASOP 13