PSYC ch. 8

  1. process of natural selection is sometimes called
    survival selection
  2. inclusive fitness theory
    modern evolution theory based on differential gene reproduction. the "inclusive" part refers to the fact that the characteristicsthat affect reproduction need not affect the personal production of offspring
  3. adaptive problem
    is anything that impedes survival or reproduction
  4. evolutionaty noise
    random variations that are neutral with respect to selection
  5. domain-specific
    adaptations are presumed to be domain specific in the sense that they are designed by the evolutionary process to solve a specificity implies that selection tends to fashin specific mechanisms for each specfic adaptive problem
  6. functionality
    the notion that our psychological mechanisms are designed to accomplish particular adaptive goals
  7. deductive reasoning approage
    or the "top down" theory-driven method of empiricle reseach is one approach to scientific investigation
  8. social anxiety
    distress or worry about being negatively evaluated in interperosnal situations
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