SPED 5334 Midterm Study Guide

  1. Are assessment and test the same?
    No.Testing and assessment are related, but not synonymous terms.
  2. TEST
    A set of tasks or questions intended to elicit particular behaviors or responses.
    A process of gathering information in order to make decisions.
  4. Special Education Assessment
    Systematic process of gathering educationally relevant information to make legal and instructional decisions about the provision of special services.
  5. Special Education Assessment Process
    • Identification and Referral
    • Determining Eligibility
    • Program Planning
    • Program Implementation and Evaluation
  6. Identification and Referral Steps
    Sources of Identification: by teachers primarily, parents, counselors, peers, admin, tests, screenings

    Prereferal Interventions: Done by teachers primarily, should check with others first, RtI, not always referred.

    Referral and notification of parents: In writing/letter and in primary or native language.

    Decision to asses: By who? The referral committe (counselor, general ed, special ed, admin) Not all kids are assessed. 90% will be evaluated, 73% eligible. Not all are assessed.
  7. Determining SPED eligibility Steps
    Parental Permission for testing: 30 days to to give consent, if not may have a hearing with TEA

    • Comprehensive in-depth assessment:
    • *Assess students only where needed, individualized. Such as: academic, sight, hearing, emotional, health, intelligence, communication, motor skills and social skills
    • *Not all are assessed.
    • *90% will be evaluated
    • *73% eligible for SPED
    • *90 days to Assessment and report to parent!

    • Team of Professionals and parents determine eligibility
    • -Transition at age 14-16 (student required to be at ARD)
    • -TEAM: admin, general ed, special ed, diagnostition, specialist (maybe), parent (94.142 IDEA), student, Doctor/counselor/lawyer
    • -Need 2 requirements:
    • 1. Affects educational Performance (below 2 standard diviations)
    • 2. Disability (13)
    • before developmental age/period of 18!!!
  8. SPED Program Planning
    • IEP
    • Parental agreement to the IEP
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