Reproductive wrkbook

  1. The major function of the male system is to
    form (make) sperm
  2. Malge germ cells are known as
  3. Which endocrine gland stimulates the testes to produce germ cells?
    anterior lobe of pituitary gland
  4. The testes produce germ cells and secrete what?
    the male hormone-testosterone
  5. The final maturation of the sperm occurs where?
  6. A muscular tube connecting the epididymis and that is part of hte spermatic cord is what?
    vas deferens
  7. The _________and the vas deferens form the ejaculatory duct.
    seminal vessicle
  8. Severing the vas deferens to make the male sterile is called:
  9. This structure lies on the posterior aspect at the base of the bladder and also secretes a thick liquid consisting of fructose. This structure is what?
    seminal vessicle
  10. Male fertility is dependent on what?
    Number, size, shape and motility of sperm
  11. _______ refers to the onset of menstruation in females.
  12. Ova begins to grow and develop to a mature ovum; this process of expelling the mature ovum is known as ____________.
  13. The corpus luteum continues to grow after the ovum has been released and secretes what?
  14. The ovum travels from the ovary to the uterus via the _________-.
    fallopian tubes
  15. Implantation of the fertilized ovum outside the uterus is an _____________.
    ectopic pregnancy
  16. The _____ phase occurs between the end of menses and ovulation.
    proliferation (postmenstrual)
  17. The phase of teh menstrual cycle between ovulation and the onset of menses is __________.
    secretory phase (post ovulation)
  18. Menstrual phase of cycle is result of what 3 products.
    blood, mucus and sloughed endometrial lining
  19. Natural termination of the reproductive process is __________.
  20. Surgical removal of the female reproductive organs is known as ______________.
  21. In the second stage of syphilis, a _________ can affect any part of the body.
    nonitching rash
  22. _________ can cause septic arthritis.
  23. Radiographically, the bladder on excretretory urography is elevated by a smooth impression caused by:
    benign prostatic hyperplasia
  24. To best delineate the prostate, seminal vessicles and surrounding organs for accurate staging of carcinoma of the prostate gland-modality of choice is....
  25. Inflammation of the pair (or one) of the long tightly coiled ducts that carry sperm from the seminiferous tubules of the testis to the vas deferens is___________.
  26. On ultrasound, a testicular tumor that has a uniform hypoechoic mass appearance without calcifications or cystic areas known as _____.
  27. Spread of infection into the fallopian tubes from the pelvis is caused by what?
    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  28. As a result of pelvic inflammatory disease, the fallopian tubes may be obstructed, which can cause.....(2things)
    infertility or ectopic pregnancy
  29. Lipid material within the lesion with relative radiolucency that has a characteristic of calcifications is known as....
    dermoid cyst
  30. Often multiple benign smooth-muscle tumors of the uterus (uterine fibroids) are stimulated by ____________.
  31. Post menopausal bleeding is a symtom of ______, which is the predominan neoplasm of the uterine body.
    endometrial carcinoma
  32. Endometrial tissue outside the uterus undergoes a proliferation and secretory phase because it responds to what?
    hormonal changes
  33. The ___________ examination has permitted the early detection of cervical carcinomas.
    pap smear
  34. A tumor mass with clustered calcification in the mammory gland is indicative of what?
    breast cancer
  35. The most common benign breast tumor is a:
  36. Fetal age is best demonstrated by:
  37. Maternal disorders, such as diabetes mellitus and Rh isoimmunization, may cause what during pregnancy?
  38. Most ectopic pregnancies occur where?
    within the fallopian tubes
  39. Abnormal fertilization that lacks the female chromosome is a:
  40. The frequently malignant ____________ is a primary tumor that develops from teh chorionic portion of the products of conception
  41. a duct for an ova to reach the uterus
    fallopian tube
  42. Female reproductive life begins
  43. Fertilization of ova outside teh uterus
    ectopic pregnancy
  44. final maturation of sperm occurs here
  45. Formation of sperm
  46. male germ cells
  47. muscular tube passing through the inguinal canal
    vas deferens
  48. Ova mature and are expelled from the ovary
  49. Produces major portion of the seminal fluid
  50. prostate gland
  51. Secretes a thick fluid of fructose
    seminal vesicles
  52. Testes secrete a male hormone
  53. a __________ arises from a primitive germ cell and consists of many tissue types.
  54. _____ is a benign ovarian tumor
  55. ___________ is a benign smooth-muscle tumor.
    uterine fibroid
  56. _________ is caused by spirochete treponema pallidum.
  57. __________ causes an inability to empty the bladder completely.
    benign prostatic hyperplasia
  58. Cryptorchidism
    ectopic testis
  59. __________________ is an elevated prostate-specific antigen, and a hard nodular and irregular mass on rectal exam.
    carcinoma of the prostate gland
  60. Polyhyramnios
    excessive accumulation of amniotic fluid
  61. Pyosalpinx is what?
    fallopian tube filled with pus
  62. What is a fetal implantation outside of the uterus?
    ectopic pregnancy
  63. What is a fibrocystic disease -- cysts of various sizes distributed throughout the organ.
    benign breast disease
  64. Follicular and corpus luteum are examples of......
    ovarian cysts
  65. What is a germ cell tumor of teh ovary?
    dermoid cyst
  66. What is PID
    • pelvic inflammatory disease
    • infection of the uterus and fallopian tubes
  67. What is the most common and widely spread venereal disease?
  68. What is the most common malignancy in women?
    breast cancer
  69. Endometrial carcinoma is what
    neoplasm of the uterine body and one of the most common invasive neoplasm
  70. What is normal appearing endometrium in sites other than normal location termed?
  71. Spectrum of disease- includes hydatidiform and choriocarcinoma.
    trophoblastic disease
  72. A tumor related to chronic irritation, infection and poor hygiene is known as.
    cervical carcinoma
  73. What is testicular torsion?
    twisting of the gonad on its pedicle
  74. Define oligohydramnios
    very small volume of amniotic fluid
  75. On MRI, benign prostatic hyperplasia appears how?
    homogeneous how signal on T1-weighted images
  76. Prostate gland carcinoma impresses on the bladder as:
    irregular contour with elevation
  77. The testis normally migrate through the __________ into the scrotal sac.
    inguinal canal
  78. A compromise of circulation to teh testis with sudden onset of severe scrotal pain is
    Testicular torsion
  79. The modality of choice to demonstrate testicular tumors is
  80. Abscesses with thick irregular wall containing echoes on pelvic ultrasound images are suggestive of
    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  81. On an abdominal x-ray, psammomatous calcificatoins appear as scattered, fine amorphous shadows (that are similar to normal soft tissue and easily missed) represent a
  82. A cyst (ovarian) that has no clincal significance and is composed of germ cells, such as skin, hair, and teeth is known as:
    dermoid cyst
  83. A poorly defined mass with irregular margins and numerous fine linear strands or spicules radiating out is indicative of:
    breast cancer
  84. A reflux of endometrial fragments backward through the fallopian tubes during menstruation, resulting in an implantation in the pelvis, is....
  85. An enlarged uterus with irregular areas of low-level echoes and bizarre clusters of high-intensisty echoes is suggestive of
    endometrial cancer
  86. A benign breast disease demonstrating various sized cysts throughout the breast is
    fibrocyctic disease
  87. A condition of pregnancy primarily resulting from fetal urinary disorders, such as renal dysplasia and renal aplasia is
  88. an enlarged uterus that does not contain a gestational sac and that is associated with fluid in the cul-de-sac is suggestive of
    ectopic pregnancy
  89. Anomalies in the reproductive organs, obstructed fallopian tubes, and production of immature ova can cause
  90. In addition to ultrasound, what are the main radiographic studies currently used for the female reproductive system?
    HSG, Mammography
  91. Formation of sperm is termed:
  92. What male hormone helps to regulate metabolism by promoting growth of skeletal muscles and is considered responsible for the greater degree of muscle development in men?
  93. Severing of the vas deferens to create sterility is termed:
  94. The second most common cause of malignancy in men?
    Prostate cancer
  95. What imaging modality for demonstrating the prostate gland uses a probe inserted into the rectum?
  96. Ultrasound studies of the prostate gland cannot always determine the malignant or benign status of prostatic disease.
    True or False
  97. Prostatic carcinoma can often spread through the bloodstream to the bone and can sometimes cause sclerosis of an entire vertebra. This pathologic condition is known as:
    Ivory Vertebrae
  98. What screening technique is usually employed to identify the location of an undescended testicle?
  99. What is the term used to describe the twisting of te male gonad on its pedicle?
    Testicular Torsion
  100. The most common neoplasms in men between 20-35 yrs of age are tumors that tend to metastasize through the ____ system.
    lymphatic system
  101. The rupture and expulsion of the mature ovum into the pelvic cavity is termed:
  102. What is the name of the radiographic procedure used to demonstrate the patency or status of the fallopian tubes?
  103. Untreated _______ can lead to cerebral cortical lesions causing mental disorders and involvement of skeletal system and affects infants born to infectious mothers.
  104. The most common type of germ cell tumor, often containing teeth, hair and fatty material, is called:
    dermoid, teratoma
  105. Leiomyomas, more commonly referred to as ______, are benign smooth-muscle tumors of the uterus.
  106. The most common malignancy among women occurs in the ________.
  107. The second most common form of cancer in women is:
    cancer of the cervix
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