1. abate
    "to put an end to; to decrease in amount
  2. babyish
    to overprotect and pamper
  3. caboose
    "a car used on freight or construction trains for brakemen
  4. daily
    occurring every day; used every day
  5. easel
    "a free-standing frame for holding an artist's canvas
  6. facial
    pertaining to the face.
  7. gaffer
    a lighting technician on a television or film set
  8. habitual
    according to usual practice.
  9. iceberg
    a large floating mass of ice that has broken from a glacier
  10. jamboree
    (informal) a noisy or enthusiastic party or celebration
  11. kasha
    "cracked and hulled grain
  12. laddie
    a lad; boy
  13. macaroni
    "long slender tubes made of a paste chiefly of wheat flour
  14. nasal
    pertaining to the nose.
  15. oasis
    "an area of vegetation in the midst of a desert
  16. pace
    "the length of a step in walking or marching
  17. quadricycle
  18. rabbit
    "any of a variety of long-eared
  19. safari
    "an expedition for observing or hunting large animals
  20. tact
    fine or ready mental discernment shown in saying or doing the proper thing.
  21. ugliness
    having an unpleasant appearance; unattractive; unsightly
  22. vainly
    not leading to a desirable or lasting effect; futile; fruitless
  23. wall
    "an upright structure with a height much greater than its thickness
  24. yacht
    "any of various
  25. zero
    the number represented by the arabic numeral 0; cipher
  26. abdomen
    the belly.
  27. backstage
    "the areas of a theater stage that are not visible to the audience
  28. cadenza
    "an embellishment or flourish
  29. dangle
    "to hang loosely
  30. economics
    "political economy; the science of the utilities or the useful application of wealth or material resources. same as political economy
  31. faithful
    fulfilling one's duty or obligations in life
  32. gagtooth
    a projecting tooth
  33. hailstones
    a single pellet of hail
  34. icing
    "a coating or covering resembling ice
  35. January
  36. kavya
  37. lamentation
    expression of regret or sorrow
  38. magazine
    "a periodical containing advertisements
  39. nationalism
    the state of being national; national attachment; nationality
  40. oath
    "a solemn pledge to do something
  41. pack
    "to fill in the manner of a pack
  42. quarter
    one of four equal parts into which anything is or may be divided.
  43. raj
    reign; rule
  44. saint
  45. tailspin
    "the action of a falling
  46. umbrella
    "a usu. portable or movable shield against the rain or sun
  47. valet
    "a manservant who attends to the personal needs of his employer
  48. walrus
    "either of two large marine mammals related to the seals
  49. yamen
    the office or residence of an official in the chinese empire
  50. zinnia
    "any of various plants related to the daisy
  51. abide
    to accept without objection; to wait for
  52. bagel
    "a leavened
  53. cadet
    a student in a military academy; person training to be a military officer
  54. darkness
    the absence of light
  55. edging
    "something that constitutes
  56. fellow
    a man or boy
  57. gang
    "a number going in company; hence
  58. halal
    selling or serving food ritually fit according to Islamic law
  59. ideal
    an idea of something in its perfect form or essence
  60. jerky
    "moving by jerks and starts; characterized by abrupt transitions; as
  61. keen
    "acute of mind; sharp; penetrating; having or expressing mental acuteness; as
  62. landwash
  63. mahal
  64. naturalism
  65. oblate
    flattened or depressed at the poles
  66. package
    "an object or bundle that is packed
  67. quarterback
    "in football
  68. ramada
    a roofed shelter with usually open sides
  69. salami
    "a spicy
  70. talc
    "a soft
  71. umpire
    "one appointed to rule on plays in a game
  72. vanguard
    forerunners; advance forces
  73. wampum
    "beads strung on threads
  74. yield
    give in; surrender
  75. zodiac
    an imaginary belt encircling the heavens within which are the larger planets.
  76. abnormal
    not conformed to the ordinary rule or standard.
  77. balcony
    "an elevated platform projecting from the outer wall of a building
  78. calorimetric
    of or pertaining to the process of using the calorimeter
  79. dawdler
    one who wastes time in trifling employments; an idler; a trifler
  80. edict
    that which is uttered or proclaimed by authority as a rule of action.
  81. few
    "not many; small
  82. garbology
    the study of modern culture through the analysis of what is thrown away as garbage
  83. halfpace
    a platform of a staircase where the stair turns back in exactly the reverse direction of the lower flight. same as quarterpace
  84. identify
    to determine the identity of by ascertaining various characteristics
  85. jewel
    "a cut and polished gemstone
  86. kettle
    "a broad
  87. language
    "the organized system of written symbols and vocal sounds with which humans communicate thoughts
  88. mahatma
    "a person to be revered for high-mindedness
  89. necessary
    indispensably requisite or absolutely needed to accomplish a desired result.
  90. observe
    to perceive; see
  91. paddock
    "an enclosed field
  92. quiver
    to shake or move with slight and tremulous motion; to tremble; to quake; to shudder; to shiver; a case for carrying or holding arrows.
  93. ramen
    quick-cooking egg noodles usually served in a broth with bits of meat and vegetables
  94. salinity
    containing salt
  95. talons
    "a bird or animal claw
  96. underclass
    "the socioeconomic class of people at the lowest income level
  97. vanilla
    any of several tropical orchids whose fruit contains a fragrant flavoring agent
  98. warlord
    a military leader who governs or has great influence in an area or country that is warlike or at war
  99. zonal
  100. absorb
    "to drink in or suck up
  101. baldmoney
  102. cameraman
  103. dawn
    "the first daylight in the morning
  104. eight
    the number represented by the arabic numeral 8 and by the roman numeral viii
  105. fickle
    "unduly changeable in feeling
  106. garibaldi
    a woman's blouse copied from the red shirt worn by the Italian patriot Garibaldi
  107. halve
    to divide into two equal parts
  108. iguana
    any of various large herbivorous lizards of tropical america that often have a ridge of spiny projections along the backbone
  109. jiva
  110. khan
    "a king; a prince; a chief; a governor; -- so called among the tartars
  111. lapse
    "a slight deviation from what is right
  112. mahimahi
  113. nelma
  114. oceanity
  115. palate
    the roof of the mouth.
  116. rampage
    "a course of angry
  117. sanction
    to approve authoritatively.
  118. tamarind
    "a tropical tree
  119. undercook
  120. vaporize
    "to convert into vapor
  121. warp
    "to bend or twist out of shape
  122. zoology
    the science and study of animals
  123. academy
    any institution where the higher branches of learning are taught.
  124. ballerina
    a woman who is a principal dancer in a ballet troupe
  125. cancel
    "to do away with
  126. deadened
    of deaden
  127. electoral
    of or concerning electors or an election
  128. fidelity
  129. garnish
    "in cookery
  130. hamburger
    "ground beef in bulk or in a patty
  131. immediately
    "in an immediate manner; without intervention of any other person or thing; proximately; directly; -- opposed to mediately; as
  132. journeycake
  133. kick
    to deliver a blow to with the foot
  134. later
    at a subsequent time.
  135. mainspring
    "the principal or most important spring in a piece of mechanism
  136. nemesis
    a goddess; divinity of chastisement and vengeance.
  137. odyssey
    a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
  138. panic
    "a sudden
  139. rapper
    "one who
  140. sapid
    affecting the sense of taste.
  141. team
    a group of competitors on one of the sides in a sporting event or game
  142. underground
    "being below the surface of the ground; as
  143. varnish
    "a liquid of resinous material that is brushed on wood or the like to make a hard
  144. weapon
    an object or device intended or used as a means of offense or defense
  145. acceptance
    the act of receiving something
  146. bambino
    "a child or baby; esp.
  147. candidate
    "one who offers himself
  148. debate
    "a discussion of two opposing viewpoints
  149. electrochemical
    the branch of chemistry that deals with the production of electricity by chemical changes and vice versa
  150. fielder
    "in baseball or cricket
  151. garth
    "a close; a yard; a croft; a garden; as
  152. hamlet
    a small village; a little cluster of houses in the country
  153. impair
    to cause to become less or worse.
  154. jovial
  155. kinetic
    producing motion
  156. laudable
    praise worthy.
  157. major
    the military rank above captain and below lieutenant colonel
  158. neptunian
    "formed by water or aqueous solution; as
  159. offensive
    "making the first attack; assailant; aggressive; hence
  160. panzer
    "an armored vehicle
  161. rapture
    extreme joy; ecstasy; bliss
  162. sarcasm
    cutting and reproachful language.
  163. telepathic
    communication between minds without the use of sensory signals
  164. undersea
    "pertaining to
  165. vascular
    "composed of
  166. weird
  167. access
    a way of approach or entrance; passage.
  168. band
    "a number of musicians who play together upon portable musical instruments
  169. canopy
    "a suspended covering
  170. decent
    "characterized by propriety of conduct
  171. eleven
    the number represented by the arabic numeral 11 and by the roman numeral xi
  172. fiercest
    "dangerously wild
  173. gastric
  174. hand
    "the part on the end of the human arm
  175. impeach
    charge with crime in office; indict
  176. jumping
    to leap over
  177. king
    a male head of a royal family who reigns for life as a monarch
  178. lawlessness
    "violating or not heeding the law
  179. majority
    the greater number or amount; a number or amount greater than half
  180. nether
  181. officer
    a person holding a position of trust and responsibility in a business organization or government agency
  182. parade
    "a public procession of people or things
  183. rascal
    one who is unscrupulous or dishonest; villain; scoundrel
  184. saturated
    "having its affinity satisfied; combined with all it can hold; -- said of certain atoms
  185. tendency
    "direction or inclination
  186. undertow
    the current that sets seaward near the bottom when waves are breaking upon the shore
  187. veal
    "the flesh of a calf
  188. whisk
    "to move
  189. acronym
    "a word formed by combining the initial letters or parts of a series of words in a longer phrase
  190. barabara
  191. capitalist
    "one who has capital; one who has money for investment
  192. declaim
    to speak in a formal manner; deliver a speech
  193. embattled
    "having the edge broken like battlements; -- said of a bearing such as a fess
  194. fiesta
    "a festival
  195. gene
    "a section of a chromosome that determines the structure of a single protein or part of one
  196. handicap
    "a defect or disadvantage that acts as an impediment
  197. imperial
    like an emperor; related to an empire
  198. June
  199. kingmaker
    "a person who is powerful enough to select
  200. learn
    "to gain knowledge of through study
  201. mammoth
  202. neutralize
    to cause to be ineffective; counteract
  203. once
    at one time in the past; formerly
  204. parboil
    to cook partially by immersing in boiling water for a brief time
  205. rebellion
    an uprising or armed resistance against established authority or a government
  206. sauna
    "a type of steam bath developed in finland
  207. thermal
    of or pertaining to heat.
  208. unfulfilled
  209. vein
    one of the many small vessels that transport blood to the heart
  210. whiteout
    "a weather condition
  211. adamant
    any substance of exceeding hardness or impenetrability.
  212. barding
  213. capsize
    to overturn or cause to overturn
  214. defectoscope
  215. emboss
    to raise or represent in relief (a surface design)
  216. fifth
    indicating rank or position between fourth and sixth
  217. general
    relating to or characteristic of the whole
  218. handily
    easily; capably
  219. impetuous
  220. jurisdiction
    lawful power or right to exercise official authority.
  221. kirtle
    "a garment varying in form and use at different times
  222. leftovers
    "a remainder or unused portion
  223. mandate
    a command.
  224. next
    coming immediately after; following
  225. onus
    a burden or responsibility.
  226. parish
    the ecclesiastical district in charge of a pastor.
  227. recall
    to bring to mind; remember
  228. scampi
    a dish of shrimp or prawns fried or broiled in oil or butter and garlic
  229. thrice
    in three instances; three times
  230. unicorn
    a mythical animal having the body of a horse and a single horn projecting from its forehead
  231. ventricle
    "a cavity
  232. wholesome
    promoting or resulting in general or moral well-being
  233. adder
    a small venomous serpent of the genus vipera. the common european adder is the vipera (/ pelias) berus. the puff adders of africa are species of clotho
  234. barnstorm
    "to travel through rural areas giving performances
  235. captain
    a leader
  236. defensive
    carried on in resistance to aggression.
  237. emit
    to send or give out.
  238. figurine
    small ornamental statuette
  239. genius
    "extraordinary power of intellect
  240. handsome
    "having a pleasing
  241. impulse
    a spontaneous or sudden desire that may move one to action
  242. jurisprudence
    the science of rights in accordance with positive law.
  243. knightess
  244. legalize
    to give the authority of law to.
  245. marblehearted
  246. nil
  247. optimism
    the view that everything in nature and the history of mankind is ordered for the best.
  248. pasteurize
    to subject to pasteurization
  249. recant
    to withdraw formally one's belief (in something previously believed or maintained).
  250. scan
    to read or look over quickly; skim
  251. throwaway
    "a freely distributed handbill or leaflet
  252. unity
    the state of being a single unit; oneness
  253. verso
    "the reverse
  254. wicked
    morally evil in actions or principles; sinful
  255. adhesion
    the state of being attached or joined.
  256. barrow
    "a support having handles
  257. carbonate
    "a salt or carbonic acid
  258. deglaze
  259. empower
    to delegate authority to.
  260. finery
    that which is used to decorate the person or dress.
  261. geoponics
    the art or science of cultivating the earth; agriculture
  262. handspike
    "a bar or lever
  263. imputation
    "a setting of something to the account of; the attribution of personal guilt or personal righteousness of another; as
  264. jurist
    "one who professes the science of law; one versed in the law
  265. knowingly
    "with knowledge; in a knowing manner; intelligently; consciously; deliberately; as
  266. lemon
    a small oval citrus fruit with pungent yellow skin and sour juice
  267. marinate
    to soak in a seasoned sauce; marinade
  268. nineteen
    the number represented by the arabic numeral 19 and by the roman numeral xix
  269. oral
    uttered through the mouth.
  270. patch
    "a small piece of material
  271. reckless
    foolishly headless of danger.
  272. scent
    "a characteristic odor
  273. Thursday
  274. unnerve
    "to deprive of nerve
  275. vessel
    "a hollow device used as receptacle
  276. wicker
    "a flexible twig or shoot of willow or other long
  277. adjournment
    the time or interval during which a public body adjourns its sittings or postpones business
  278. basic
    "having the base in excess
  279. carnage
  280. dejected
    "having or exhibiting low spirits; discouraged
  281. enact
    "to make into law
  282. fishgig
    a spear with barbed prongs used for harpooning fish
  283. ghoul
    "an evil demon
  284. hangnail
    "a small piece or silver of skin which hangs loose
  285. Inca
  286. kosher
    allowable according to jewish dietary laws
  287. lentil
    "a round
  288. marketfish
  289. nitrite
    an ester or salt of nitrous acid
  290. orange
    "a spherical fruit with a reddish yellow rind and a sweet
  291. patio
    a usu. paved and roofless area that adjoins a house and is used for dining or recreation
  292. reconstitute
    "to put together or constitute again
  293. schedule
    "a plan of activity
  294. thyroid
  295. unreadable
    "not able to be read
  296. vesta
    "in roman mythology
  297. wimple
    "a covering of silk
  298. administer
    "to manage or conduct
  299. batter
    "a thick liquid mixture of two or more materials beaten together
  300. carrier
    one who carries or delivers
  301. deluxe
    "especially sumptuous
  302. endless
    being or seeming boundless; infinite; limitless
  303. flashflood
  304. giraffe
    "a spotted
  305. harassed
    to trouble or disturb repeatedly or persistently
  306. incapable
    "wanting in ability or qualification for the purpose or end in view; not large enough to contain or hold; deficient in physical strength
  307. lethargy
    prolonged sluggishness of body or mind.
  308. marksman
    "a man who shoots a gun skillfully
  309. noble
  310. origin
    the beginning of that which becomes or is made to be.
  311. peasant
    "a member of the class of farm laborers and small farmers
  312. reelected
  313. school
    "a place for learned intercourse and instruction; an institution for learning; an educational establishment; a place for acquiring knowledge and mental training; as
  314. ticket
    "a small
  315. upright
    in a vertical position
  316. videography
    the art or practice of using a video camera
  317. wintergreen
    a plant which keeps its leaves green through the winter
  318. admiral
    a naval commissioned officer of the highest rank; the commander of a fleet or squadron
  319. battery
    a device that generates electricity by means of chemical reactions
  320. cask
    "a large
  321. demolish
    to annihilate.
  322. enthusiasm
    intense interest or involvement; zeal
  323. fleet
    "a flood; a creek or inlet; a bay or estuary; a river; -- obsolete
  324. glistened
    of glisten
  325. hare
    "any of various plant-eating mammals that resemble and are related to the rabbit
  326. incredulous
    withholding belief; skeptical
  327. levy
    to impose and collect by force or threat of force.
  328. masher
    a utensil designed to mash vegetables or fruit
  329. nominee
    one who receives a nomination.
  330. ornament
    something that is added to beautify or improve appearance; decoration
  331. peekaboo
  332. reestablish
    to restore.
  333. scold
    to speak to with angry disapproval; reprimand; chastise
  334. tidology
    a discourse or treatise upon the tides; that part of science which treats of tides
  335. uproar
    "a loud
  336. Viking
  337. withdrawal
    the act of withdrawing; withdrawment; retreat; retraction
  338. admirer
    to hold in high esteem; respect
  339. bazooka
  340. casualty
    a fatal or serious accident or disaster.
  341. denim
    "a coarse cotton drilling used for overalls
  342. epidemic
    wide-spread occurrence of a disease in a certain region.
  343. flimflam
    a freak; a trick; a lie
  344. glittering
    of glitter
  345. harmonica
    "a musical instrument
  346. infantry
    "foot soldiers
  347. liberation
    the act of liberating or the state of being liberated
  348. matriculate
    "to enroll; to enter in a register; specifically
  349. nonnative
  350. ornate
    ornamented to a marked degree.
  351. pelvis
    "in many vertebrates
  352. reevaluate
  353. scorch
    "to burn slightly
  354. tiepin
    "a straight pin with a decorative head and a holder for the point
  355. urn
    "a vessel of various forms
  356. violin
    "a relatively small
  357. woodchuck
    "a common large north american marmot (arctomys monax). it is usually reddish brown
  358. adorned
    "to beautify
  359. beading
    "the decorative use of beads
  360. catalytic
    "an agent employed in catalysis
  361. density
    the state or condition of being dense
  362. epilepsy
    "the ""falling sickness
  363. floodlight
    an electric lamp that casts a strong beam of light over a wide area
  364. glitz
    "(informal) extreme showiness or gaudy
  365. harsh
    "rough and unpleasant to the senses
  366. inferior
    "subordinate in rank
  367. library
    "a place where books
  368. mattock
    "a tool with a flat blade fixed at a right angle on one side and an axlike blade on the other
  369. nonnuclear
  370. orthodontic
    (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry that deals with the correct alignment and position of teeth; orthodontia
  371. penalty
    the consequences that follow the transgression of natural or divine law.
  372. referendum
    public vote
  373. scorn
    undisguised contempt; derision
  374. tiers
  375. usher
    "one who escorts people to their seats in a church
  376. vocation
    a career; occupation
  377. wordiness
    "the quality or state of being wordy
  378. adversity
  379. beeline
    "the shortest line from one place to another
  380. cataract
    opacity of the lens of the eye resulting in complete or partial blindness.
  381. deserter
    "one who forsakes a duty
  382. ere
    "to plow. [obs.] same as ear
  383. floweret
    a small flower; a floret
  384. glucose
    "a form of sugar that occurs naturally in fruits
  385. hash
    "a dish of chopped or minced food
  386. inferno
  387. life
    "the state of being that distinguishes animals and plants from rocks
  388. may
    "an auxiliary verb qualifyng the meaning of another verb
  389. noodle
    "a thin strip of dough
  390. outbreaker
  391. penthouse
    "a shed or roof sloping from the main wall or building
  392. refreshment
    "the act of refreshing
  393. scramble
    "to move hastily
  394. tilak
  395. vole
    "any one of numerous species of micelike rodents belonging to arvicola and allied genera of the subfamily arvicolinae. they have a thick head
  396. worship
    "reverent devotion
  397. aerosol
    a suspension of liquid or solid particles in a gas
  398. belay
    "to make fast
  399. catastrophe
    any great and sudden misfortune or calamity.
  400. destructible
    liable to destruction; capable of being destroyed
  401. erosion
    the process or condition of eroding
  402. flunk
    "to fail
  403. goal
    a result or end that one desires and works for; aim or purpose
  404. hatful
  405. infestation
    to spread in or overrun as a nuisance or danger
  406. lightning
    "a discharge of atmospheric electricity
  407. mean
    "a quantity having an intermediate value between several others
  408. normality
    "the average or expected form
  409. overwhelming
    overpowering; irresistible
  410. pepper
    "a spicy condiment obtained from the dried
  411. refuge
    a place of protection or shelter from danger or hardship
  412. scrim
    "a thin
  413. timeworn
    showing the effects of age or long use
  414. volley
    a simultaneous discharge of firearms or other weapons
  415. wrench
    pull; strain; twist
  416. aftershock
    a small earthquake or a series of small earthquakes that follows a larger one and that originates at or near the same epicenter
  417. beletter
  418. catch
    "to capture or grab
  419. devotions
    great attachment; strong affection
  420. eruption
    the act or process of erupting
  421. foil
    defeat; frustrate
  422. goddess
    a female being believed to have supernatural powers; female god
  423. haversack
    "a bag or case
  424. infidel
    one who denies the existence of god.
  425. lilac
    "a hardy
  426. median
  427. nosh
    "(informal) a snack
  428. ozone
    "oxygen in the form of molecules with three atoms
  429. perchance
    by chance; perhaps; peradventure
  430. refugee
    "a person forced to leave his or her home or native land to seek safe refuge
  431. scruple
    doubt or uncertainty regarding a question of moral right or duty.
  432. tiresome
  433. volumetric
    of or pertaining to the measurement of volume
  434. wrinkle
    "a small ridge
  435. agitated
    to cause to move briskly or with force
  436. belief
    a strong opinion; conviction
  437. cavity
    a hollow or hollowed-out place
  438. dexterity
  439. establishment
    "that which is established; as: (a) a form of government
  440. foist
    to palm off.
  441. golden
    deep yellow and shiny
  442. hazard
  443. infinity
    boundless or immeasurable extension or duration.
  444. lime
    "oxide of calcium; the white or gray
  445. meditate
    "to think calmly
  446. nostrils
    one of the two outside openings in the nose
  447. percolate
    to filter.
  448. regency
    "a body of men intrusted with vicarious government; as
  449. scrutiny
    a close and careful inspection
  450. titan
    "in greek mythology
  451. vulcanize
    "to change the properties of
  452. ahorse
  453. benevolent
    loving others and actively desirous of their well-being.
  454. celluloid
    "a substance composed essentially of gun cotton and camphor
  455. diabetic
  456. eternity
    time without beginning or end; infinite past and future
  457. folio
    "a sheet of paper folded once
  458. gospel
    (often cap.) the teachings of jesus christ and his apostles
  459. headlong
    with the head leading or foremost
  460. ingredient
  461. limelight
    the center of public attention
  462. meld
  463. notion
    "an idea
  464. percussion
    the sharp striking of one body against another.
  465. relic
    "something that has survived from an earlier time
  466. sect
    "any group
  467. toehold
    "a small surface or ledge that will support or hold no more than the toes in hiking
  468. airborne
    borne or carried in the air
  469. Bible
  470. census
    an official numbering of the people of a country or district.
  471. diagnosis
    determination of the distinctive nature of a disease.
  472. evaporate
    "to escape or pass off without effect; to be dissipated; to be wasted
  473. foolocracy
  474. grabble
    to lie prostrate on the belly; to sprawl on the ground; to grovel
  475. headquarters
    "the quarters or place of residence of any chief officer
  476. inlaid
    "set into a surface in an ornamental design
  477. linden
    "any of several shade trees that have large
  478. memorable
  479. nucleus
    a central point or part about which matter is aggregated.
  480. perfidy
  481. relish
    to like the taste or savor of.
  482. selectman
    "one of a board of town officers chosen annually in the new england states to transact the general public business of the town
  483. tofu
    "a food product that is made from curdled soybean milk
  484. albatross
    "a web-footed bird
  485. biopsy
    "the cutting of tissue from an animal or person for study
  486. centralization
    "the act or process of centralizing
  487. dial
    "a disk or plate
  488. even
  489. footing
    "a foundation or firm basis on which one can stand
  490. grammar
    "the study of certain formal aspects of language
  491. heavenly
    of or pertaining to heaven or the heavens
  492. inning
    the segment of a baseball game during which each side has a turn at batting
  493. linesman
    "in sports such as tennis and football
  494. mention
    "to speak of or refer to
  495. nunnery
    a convent for nuns.
  496. perishable
    "liable to perish; subject to decay
  497. render
    deliver; provide; represent
  498. semester
    one half of an academic year
  499. tomb
    a hole dug in earth or rock for the burial of one or more dead persons; grave
  500. alcohol
    "a volatile
  501. birdie
    any small bird
  502. century
    a unit of time equal to one hundred years
  503. diamagnetic
    "any substance
  504. eventide
  505. foreground
    that part of a landscape or picture situated or represented as nearest the spectator.
  506. granger
    a farmer
  507. hector
    "in the iliad
  508. interactive
    to react to one another in a social situation
  509. linger
    to remain or be slow to leave
  510. mercurial
    fickle; changing
  511. Permian
  512. reprisal
    any infliction or act by way of retaliation on an enemy.
  513. seminar
    any assemblage of pupils for real research in some specific study under a teacher.
  514. tongue
    "the fleshy
  515. alderman
    "a member of a municipal legislative body
  516. black
    "the darkest color
  517. cereal
    pertaining to edible grain or farinaceous seeds.
  518. diatomic
    containing only two atoms.
  519. excellent
    possessing distinguished merit.
  520. formula
    fixed rule or set form.
  521. granule
    a small grain or particle.
  522. helmet
    a hard covering worn to protect the head from impact
  523. interlinear
    "contained between lines; written or inserted between lines already written or printed; containing interlineations; as
  524. lingual
    pertaining to the use of the tongue in utterance.
  525. mesa
  526. perspire
    to excrete through the pores of the skin.
  527. repulse
    "the act of beating or driving back
  528. sendee
  529. tooling
    "to shape
  530. algebra
    "a form of elementary mathematics
  531. blackout
    "the extinguishing or hiding of all the lights of a city or region
  532. champion
    support militantly
  533. digest
    to break down or promote the breaking down of (food) into substances that can be absorbed by body tissues
  534. exobiology
    the study of the effects on living creatures sent outside the earth's atmosphere
  535. fortification
    "that which fortifies; especially
  536. gravimetric
    of or pertaining to measurement by weight; measured by weight
  537. hence
    from this moment; from now
  538. intermission
    a recess.
  539. linguistics
    "the science of languages
  540. mess
    "a state of dirtiness
  541. peruse
    to examine or study; scrutinize
  542. respell
    to spell again
  543. senorita
    (spanish) a title equivalent to "miss"
  544. topiary
    "of or pertaining to ornamental gardening; produced by cutting
  545. alloy
    a mixture as of metals
  546. blithe
  547. chapel
    "a place of worship
  548. digit
    a finger or toe
  549. exotic
  550. fortnight
    the space of fourteen days; two weeks
  551. greenness
    "immaturity; unripeness; as
  552. herbivore
    one of the herbivora
  553. interreflection
  554. linseed
    "the seed of the flax plant
  555. meticulous
  556. pessimism
    belief that life is basically bad and evil; gloominess
  557. respire
    to breathe in air and then exhale it
  558. sentry
    "a guard posted to prevent entry or exit by unauthorized persons
  559. topical
    pertinent to topics of current interest
  560. aloft
  561. blizzard
    a heavy and widespread snowstorm of lengthy duration
  562. charm
    "(sometimes pl.) the capability to allure
  563. dilate
    to enlarge in all directions.
  564. expire
    "to reach the end of a fixed term
  565. forty
    the number represented by the arabic numeral 40 and by the roman numeral xl
  566. gribble
    "a small marine isopod crustacean (limnoria lignorum or l. terebrans)
  567. heretofore
    up to this time; hitherto; before; in time past
  568. interrelate
    "to place in or come into a shared
  569. liquid
    "consisting of molecules that move easily
  570. microphone
    an apparatus for magnifying faint sounds.
  571. phase
    a distinct or particular stage in a cycle of development or process of change
  572. restaurant
    an eating house
  573. service
    any work done for the benefit of another.
  574. topography
    the art of representing on a map the physical features of any locality or region with accuracy.
  575. amble
    moving at an easy pace
  576. blockhead
    a stupid fellow; a dolt; a person deficient in understanding
  577. chase
    "an open hunting ground to which game resorts
  578. dilute
    to make more fluid or less concentrated by admixture with something.
  579. exterminate
    "to destroy utterly; to cut off; to extirpate; to annihilate; to root out; as
  580. foundling
    a deserted or exposed infant; a child found without a parent or owner
  581. griddle
    a flat pan or flat heated surface used in cooking
  582. heroine
    a woman of heroic character or deeds
  583. interrupt
    to stop while in progress.
  584. literacy
    the state or condition of knowing how to read and write.
  585. microwave
    any extremely high-frequency electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is between one millimeter and one meter
  586. pickle
    "a food
  587. retreat
    the act of withdrawing from a place or situation
  588. shambles
    slaughterhouse; science of carnage
  589. torpedo
    "a long
  590. ambush
    the act or state of lying concealed for the purpose of surprising or attacking the enemy.
  591. board
    "a flat
  592. checkoff
  593. diorama
    model of a scene
  594. eyeball
    "the ball-shaped part of the eye
  595. fourscore
    the product of four times twenty; eighty units or objects
  596. grist
    "grain to be ground
  597. hickory
    "any of a number of deciduous trees of the walnut family
  598. invasion
  599. literate
    able to read and write
  600. mikado
    the popular designation of the hereditary sovereign of japan
  601. piecemeal
  602. revelation
    "a disclosing
  603. shampoo
    "to cleanse (the hair
  604. trackbarrow
  605. amen
    thus it is; may it be so (used at the end of a prayer or statement to express agreement or approval)
  606. boatload
    the load of passengers or cargo that a boat can or does carry
  607. cheek
    the side of the face between the jaw and the eye
  608. diplomat
    a representative of one sovereign state at the capital or court of another.
  609. eyelid
    either of the two folds of skin that can be opened or shut to uncover or cover the eyeball
  610. fourteen
    the number represented by the arabic numeral 14 and by the roman numeral xiv
  611. groom
    a man who is about to be or has just been married; bridegroom
  612. hinterland
    (often pl.) any area far from a center of population or culture; back country
  613. invert
    "to turn inside out
  614. litmus
    "a powder derived from lichens that turns blue in alkaline solutions and red in acid solutions
  615. minefield
    an expanse of land or water in which mines that explode on contact have been laid
  616. pierced
    punctured or perforated
  617. ribbon
    "a narrow strip or band of colorful material such as satin or rayon
  618. sheaf
    bundle of stalks of grain; any bundle of things tied together
  619. tragedy
    a disastrous occurrence; calamity
  620. analysis
    careful scrutiny of constituent parts in order to thoroughly understand the whole
  621. boiling
    "heated to the point of bubbling; heaving with bubbles; in tumultuous agitation
  622. chef
    "a skilled or professional cook
  623. disapprove
    to regard with blame.
  624. foxhole
    "a shallow pit dug to provide a quick
  625. gruff
  626. hippopotamus
    "a large
  627. ionize
    to separate or change partly or completely into ions
  628. litter
    "a disorderly scatter of objects
  629. miniseries
    "a dramatic television production that is presented in installments
  630. piggy
    a young or small pig
  631. riding
    "an act or instance of taking or having a ride
  632. sheepskin
    a diploma; -- so called because usually written or printed on parchment prepared from the skin of the sheep
  633. tragic
  634. animosity
  635. bombardment
    "an attack upon a fortress or fortified town
  636. chessman
    a piece used in the game of chess
  637. disdain
    treat with scorn or contempt
  638. foyer
    "a lobby
  639. guilder
    "the chief monetary unit of the netherlands
  640. hitherto
    until this time; previously
  641. pill
    "a small hard pellet of a drug
  642. robot
    "a mechanical device
  643. shift
    to switch or move from one place to another; change position
  644. trans
  645. anniversary
    "the day on which mass is said yearly for the soul of a deceased person; the commemoration of some sacred event
  646. bond
    something that connects or confines
  647. child
    a young human; baby
  648. disinformation
  649. Frankenstein
  650. gulden
    "the chief monetary unit of the netherlands
  651. hittable
  652. locket
    "a little case for holding a miniature or lock of hair
  653. misadventure
    an unlucky accident.
  654. pious
  655. Romaji
  656. shilling
    "the chief monetary unit of kenya
  657. trash
    "anything considered worthless or useless
  658. announcer
    one who announces
  659. boniest
    pertaining to or resembling a bone
  660. choker
    one that chokes
  661. dispute
    to participate in argument or debate
  662. frat
    (informal) fraternity
  663. hoax
    trick; practical joke
  664. lodging
    "a place to live in
  665. mishit
  666. piping
    "the network of pipes used for a single purpose
  667. rouge
    any of various red or pink cosmetics used to color the cheeks or lips
  668. shingle
    "a thin
  669. treaty
    a formal agreement between two or more countries
  670. annual
    occurring every year.
  671. bonus
    "a donation or payment in excess of what is required
  672. chronology
    the science that treats of computation of time or of investigation and arrangement of events.
  673. distinct
    clearly different or set apart; separate (sometimes fol. by from)
  674. freckle
    "a light brown dot or mark of pigmentation in the skin
  675. hock
    "a rhenish wine
  676. loiter
    hang around; linger
  677. misinterpret
    to misunderstand.
  678. plank
    "a length of wood similar to
  679. ruff
    "a limicoline bird of europe and asia (pavoncella
  680. shingles
    (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a painful viral skin disease that afflicts nerve tissue and causes eruptions of blisters
  681. trigger
    "a small lever that when pressed or pulled causes a firearm to fire
  682. antibiotic
    any of various substances derived from fungi or other organisms and used to destroy or prevent the growth of bacteria or other disease-causing organisms
  683. bookworm
    a student closely attached to books or addicted to study; a reader without appreciation
  684. circulate
    to disseminate.
  685. distress
    "physical or emotional stress or suffering
  686. fresh
    "newly made
  687. hogan
    "a dwelling of the navajo and other american indians
  688. longtimer
  689. missile
    "any object
  690. plasma
    "the clear
  691. ruination
    "the act of ruining
  692. shipwreck
    "to cause to experience shipwreck
  693. trilogy
    group of three works
  694. anticlimax
    a gradual or sudden decrease in the importance or impressiveness of what is said.
  695. boon
    "the woody portion flax
  696. citizen
    "a person belonging by birth or naturalization to a political and geographic entity
  697. ditto
    the same as said or written before; the aforesaid
  698. Friday
  699. honeymoon
    the first month after marriage
  700. loot
    to plunder.
  701. missive
    a message in writing.
  702. plausible
    "seeming likely to be true
  703. rupee
    "the chief monetary unit of india
  704. shogun
    a title originally conferred by the mikado on the military governor of the eastern provinces of japan. by gradual usurpation of power the shoguns (known to foreigners as tycoons) became finally the virtual rulers of japan. the title was abolished in 1867
  705. Trinity
  706. anvil
    "a heavy
  707. borax
    "a white substance found in naturally occurring borates and used as a cleansing or flushing agent
  708. civics
    (used with a sing. verb) a branch of political science that deals with the rights and duties of citizens and with civic matters
  709. divine
  710. frill
    "an ornamental gathered or pleated trimming
  711. horticulture
    the cultivation of a garden or orchard; the art of cultivating gardens or orchards
  712. lucid
    mentally sound.
  713. missorted
  714. plaza
    a large open space such as a park or public square in the center of a town
  715. shortcake
    "an unsweetened breakfast cake shortened with butter or lard
  716. tropical
  717. aorta
    the main artery carrying blood from the left side of the heart to the arteries of all the rest of the body except the lungs
  718. boric
  719. clarinet
    "a woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece attached to a long
  720. docudrama
    "a dramatic reenactment of real events
  721. fringe
    "an ornamental edging of hanging threads
  722. host
    "one who receives or entertains another
  723. misspelling
    a wrong spelling
  724. pleasant
  725. shortening
    "that which renders pastry short or friable
  726. truffled
    "provided or cooked with truffles; stuffed with truffles; as
  727. apostrophe
    "a figure of speech by which the orator or writer suddenly breaks off from the previous method of his discourse
  728. botany
    the science that treats of plants.
  729. climatologist
    "one versed in
  730. dogfight
    a fierce fight between dogs
  731. frog
    "an amphibious animal of the genus rana and related genera
  732. hosta
  733. misstatement
    an incorrect statement
  734. plutology
    the science which treats of wealth
  735. shorthanded
  736. Tuesday
  737. appoint
    to name to a particular office or function; designate
  738. bottle
    "a container
  739. clumsy
    awkward of movement.
  740. dogleg
    "something bent at a sharp angle
  741. frogged
    "provided or ornamented with frogs; as
  742. housing
    a shelter or dwelling; lodging
  743. misstrike
  744. poach
    "to steal or pocket game
  745. showily
    in a showy manner; pompously; with parade
  746. twain
    two of anything; pair; couple
  747. April
  748. bowel
    (usu. pl.) the part of the digestive organs below the stomach; intestine
  749. cluster
    "a small
  750. domino
    a kind of hood worn by the canons of a cathedral church; a sort of amice
  751. futurity
    state of being that is yet to come; future state
  752. hurricane
    "a violent storm
  753. misuse
    to maltreat.
  754. pocket
    "a small saclike piece of material
  755. showstopper
    informal a performance or performer that evokes so much applause from the audience that the show is temporarily interrupted
  756. twice
    in two instances; two times
  757. aquatic
  758. bower
    "a shelter or covered place in a garden
  759. coalmouse
    "a small species of titmouse
  760. doneness
  761. hustle
    to move with haste and promptness.
  762. mixer
    an electrical device used for blending different foods together
  763. pod
    "a capsule of plant
  764. shrine
    "a place or object
  765. twister
    a person or thing that twists
  766. arachnid
    "an arthropod having four pairs of legs and belonging to the class that includes scorpions
  767. bowery
    "characteristic of the street called the bowery
  768. cobweb
    "a web spun by a spider
  769. down
    "from a higher to a lower position
  770. hydrate
    a compound that contains water in chemical combination
  771. mizzle
    to take one's self off; to go
  772. polluted
    "made unclean
  773. shuttle
    a moving part in a loom that carries the woof back and forth through the warp
  774. arcaded
    furnished with an arcade
  775. bravo
    good! well done! (used to express approval)
  776. cockatoo
    "any of various crested
  777. downburst
  778. hydroperiod
  779. mobilize
    "to put in a state of readiness for active service in war
  780. polychrome
    esculin; -- so called in allusion to its fluorescent solutions
  781. simper
    to smile in a silly or affected manner
  782. archaic
  783. breakdown
    "a noisy
  784. cognate
  785. Dracula
  786. hypothesis
    a proposition taken for granted as a premise from which to reach a conclusion.
  787. mode
    prevailing style
  788. polymer
    "a natural or synthetic compound
  789. simulcast
    a simultaneous broadcast of a program on both television and radio
  790. archery
    the sport or practice of shooting with bows and arrows
  791. bridegroom
    "a man newly married
  792. collapse
    "to cause to shrink
  793. drapery
    loosely hanging clothing or other cloth
  794. momentary
    lasting but a short time.
  795. pompous
    marked by an assumed stateliness and impressiveness of manner.
  796. single
    only one
  797. army
    the military land force of a nation
  798. brink
    the edge or brim of a slope or cliff
  799. collision
    violent contact.
  800. dribble
    to drip or flow slowly in drops
  801. mongoose
    "a species of ichneumon (herpestes griseus)
  802. popover
    "a light
  803. sister
    a female having the same parents as another person
  804. aromatic
  805. brotherliness
    the state or quality of being brotherly
  806. colonel
    "in the u.s. army
  807. drilling
    "a heavy
  808. moonlighter
    "working at a second job
  809. populist
    (cap.) a member or supporter of the u.s. populist party in the late nineteenth century
  810. skillet
    a frying pan
  811. articulate
    effective; distinct
  812. buckwheat
    "a plant (fagopyrum esculentum) of the polygonum family
  813. colonial
    of or pertaining to a colony or colonies
  814. driven
    past participle of drive
  815. moot
  816. posterity
    descendants; future generations
  817. skipjack
    "any of various food fishes that leap above the surface of the water
  818. Atlas
  819. buffoon
    a clown.
  820. colony
    "a territory governed by a distant country
  821. drove
    "a collection of cattle driven
  822. moped
    a motorized bicycle of low power
  823. posttest
    a test given after a lesson or a period of instruction to determine what the students have learned
  824. skipper
    "any one of numerous species of small butterflies of the family hesperiadae; -- so called from their peculiar short
  825. atmospheric
    "of or pertaining to the atmosphere; of the nature of
  826. bugle
    "a copper instrument of the horn quality of tone
  827. colorless
    "free from any manifestation of partial or peculiar sentiment or feeling; not disclosing likes
  828. dryness
    the quality or condition of being dry
  829. mounting
    the act of someone or something that mounts
  830. potash
    potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide
  831. skunk
    "a small
  832. atrium
    an open court with a porch or gallery around three or more sides; especially at the entrance of a basilica or other church. the name was extended in the middle ages to the open churchyard or cemetery
  833. bulletin
    an announcement of recent events or items of current interest
  834. commando
    "a small
  835. dual
    "of or relating to two
  836. mournful
    extremely sad; sorrowful
  837. praise
    "a verbal expression of admiration
  838. slapstick
    "visual comedy full of boisterous action
  839. attuned
    to adjust so as to be harmonious
  840. bunch
    a collection of attached similar things
  841. commonwealth
  842. duel
    "a formal
  843. mouth
    "the opening in the face through which one eats
  844. prayer
    "the act of addressing supplication to a divinity
  845. Slav
  846. audit
    examination of accounts
  847. bungle
    to execute clumsily.
  848. compromise
    adjust; endanger the interests or reputation of
  849. duet
    a composition for two voices or instruments.
  850. mucous
  851. preach
    to present or deliver (religious or moral instruction or the like) in a sermon
  852. slaver
    "a person engaged in the purchase and sale of slaves; a slave merchant
  853. audition
    the act or sensation of hearing.
  854. bunt
    "a fungus (ustilago foetida) which affects the ear of cereals
  855. concho
    shell: conchology
  856. dumplings
    "a lump of boiled dough
  857. multiplex
    manifold; multiple
  858. precipitate
    to force forward prematurely.
  859. sluggard
    a person habitually lazy or idle.
  860. automaton
    any living being whose actions are or appear to be involuntary or mechanical.
  861. burgher
    "an inhabitant
  862. condor
    "one of two vultures that are the largest flying birds of the western hemisphere
  863. dune
    a mound or hill of sand built up by the action of wind
  864. multitude
    "a great number of persons or things
  865. preexist
    to exist at a period or in a state earlier than something else.
  866. slurp
    to make loud noises with the mouth while eating or drinking
  867. autopsy
    the examination of a dead body by dissection to ascertain the cause of death.
  868. butchery
    brutal and senseless killing; slaughter
  869. confection
    "a soft solid made by incorporating a medicinal substance or substances with sugar
  870. duo
    a composition for two performers; a duet
  871. mural
    "a picture
  872. prehistory
    inflected forms: pl
  873. smattering
    slight knowledge
  874. awkward
    deficient in physical skill or grace; clumsy
  875. butterfly
    a general name for the numerous species of diurnal lepidoptera
  876. confrontation
    act of confrontating
  877. duple
  878. muslin
    "any of various sturdy cotton fabrics
  879. prelude
    an introductory or opening performance.
  880. smelt
    refine an ore
  881. axletree
    an axle upon which the wheels of a cart or animal-powered vehicle turn
  882. bycatch
  883. congealed
    of congeal
  884. duplex
    having two parts.
  885. muster
    "an assemblage or review of troops for parade or inspection
  886. prematurely
  887. smithy
    "the place in which a smith works
  888. consecrate
    to set apart as sacred.
  889. durable
    not easily worn out; long-lasting; sturdy
  890. preserve
    "to protect from injury
  891. snipe
    any of a variety of wading birds with long bills for digging
  892. constitutional
    "belonging to
  893. dwelling
    a shelter used for long-term residence; abode; house
  894. presto
    at a very fast tempo (used as a musical direction)
  895. snuff
    "pulverized tobacco
  896. contamination
    "the act or process of contaminating; pollution; defilement; taint; also
  897. dynagraph
  898. prettify
    "to give a pretty
  899. solvent
    having sufficient funds to pay all debts.
  900. contract
    compress or shrink; make a pledge; catch a disease
  901. dynamic
    active; efficient
  902. priest
    a clergyman who performs religious rituals or leads a congregation in worship
  903. spareribs
    a cut of pork that contains ribs and only a little meat
  904. prime
    "first in importance
  905. product
    something produced by means of either human or mechanical work
  906. prolonger
    "one who
  907. pronto
    (informal) quickly or immediately
  908. prosecute
    "to begin or carry on legal action against (a person or group)
  909. protein
    "any of a group of complex organic compounds containing nitrogen and composed of chains of amino acids
  910. proverb
    "a brief
  911. pudding
    "a soft creamy or spongy dessert
  912. pullet
    "a young hen
  913. puma
    a variety of large wild american cat; mountain lion; cougar
  914. pupil
    "a boy or a girl under the age of puberty
  915. pure
    "composed of only one substance
  916. purplish
    somewhat purple
  917. spry
    vigorously active; nimble
  918. Spartan
  919. speech
    "the faculty of communicating by speaking
  920. spinal
  921. spitz
    "any of several dogs
  922. spleen
    "a ductless organ on the left side near the stomach
  923. sprinkling
    "a small quantity falling in distinct drops or particles; as
  924. sprint
    "to run or go at top speed
  925. squabble
    to quarrel.
  926. squeaker
    the australian gray crow shrile (strepera anaphonesis); -- so called from its note
  927. stadium
    "an enclosed
  928. stallion
    "an uncastrated male horse
  929. starboard
    "that side of a vessel which is on the right hand of a person who stands on board facing the bow; -- opposed to larboard
  930. sprint
  931. sushi
    "a japanese dish consisting of cold rice wrapped
  932. swarm
  933. stadium
    "an enclosed
  934. starter
    someone or something that starts
  935. statesmanship
    "the qualifications
  936. stateswoman
    a woman concerned in public affairs
  937. statistics
    "classified facts respecting the condition of the people in a state
  938. status
    a person's position or rank in relation to others
  939. steam
    "water vapor
  940. steaming
    "to apply steam to
  941. steel
    "a hard
  942. stem
    "a curved piece of timber to which the two sides of a ship are united at the fore end. the lower end of it is scarfed to the keel
  943. sternum
    the flat bone to which most of the ribs are attached in the front of the chest in most vertebrates; breastbone
  944. steroid
  945. stet
    "to cause or direct to remain after having been marked for omission; to mark with the word stet
  946. stilt
    "either of two long
  947. symbiosis
    "a close association
  948. synonym
    a word having the same or almost the same meaning as some other.
  949. syntax
    the study of the structure and formation of phrases and sentences
  950. controversy
    contention; dispute; debate; discussion; agitation of contrary opinions
  951. convention
    "an agreement or contract less formal than
  952. convoy
    a protecting force accompanying property in course of transportation.
  953. convulsion
    a violent and abnormal muscular contraction of the body.
  954. coppernose
  955. cordwinder
  956. crossover
  957. cruiser
    "a medium-sized
  958. Crusoe
  959. cryptic
    mysterious; puzzling; secret
  960. cubic
    having form in three dimensions
  961. cult
    "the rituals and observances of a particular religion
  962. cupid
    "in roman mythology
  963. curfew
    "a rule or law that establishes a time after which everyone
  964. curling
    "a game played on ice in which two teams
  965. curtain
    "a piece of cloth hung in a window
  966. correspond
    "to be like something else in the dimensions and arrangement of its parts; -- followed by with or to; as
  967. corrupt
    "changed from a state of uprightness
  968. cortex
    "the outer or superficial part of an organ; as
  969. cosmetic
    "pertaining to the art of beautifying
  970. cotton
    "a soft
  971. counterattack
    an attack made in return for another attack
  972. couple
    join; unite
  973. cowcatcher
    a strong metal frame on the front of a locomotive that removes obstacles from the track
  974. credentials
    "something that entitles one to confidence
  975. credo
  976. creel
    "a bar or set of bars with skewers for holding paying-off bobbins
  977. crock
    "an earthenware container
  978. crocodile
    "a large reptile of the genus crocodilus
  979. croon
    to softly sing a lullaby or the like
  980. cushy
    informal making few demands; comfortable: a cushy job
  981. stoic
    person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
  982. stomach
    "the internal
  983. stooge
    an assistant to a comedian who gives the comedian straight lines and is often the object of the audience's laughter
  984. strait
    a narrow passage of water connecting two larger bodies of water.
  985. student
    a person enrolled in an educational institution
  986. studious
    having or showing devotion to the acquisition of knowledge.
  987. stuff
    the material or matter from or with which something is made; substance
  988. sublime
    exalted; noble; uplifting
  989. submarine
  990. subsequent
    following in time.
  991. substitute
    "one who
  992. subversion
    "an overthrow
  993. suet
    "the fat and fatty tissues of an animal
  994. sugar
    "a sweet crystalline substance obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets and widely used as a flavoring
  995. sultan
    the ruler of an islamic country
  996. summability
  997. superabundant
    "abounding to excess; being more than is sufficient; redundant; as
  998. surcharge
    an additional amount charged.
  999. surfable
  1000. surrendered
    of surrender
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