Unit 12, 8, 4

  1. L O C
    PPTE, person, place, time, event
  2. O & A x 3 or 4
    Your PPTE score
  3. Glasgow Coma Scale
    • Eye response-4
    • Verbal response-5
    • Motor response-6

    • Lowest score-3
    • Highest score-15
  4. Receptive Aphasia
    Pt cannot understand simple directions
  5. Expressive Aphasia
    Pt can hear and understand but cannot speak
  6. Obtunded
    Difficult to arouse and maintain
  7. Stupor
    Aroused to vigorous and continued stimulation
  8. Coma
    No response
  9. Nystagmus
    Involuntary movement of eyes
  10. Lethargic
    Drowsy but awake
  11. Fuctional Health Framework
    Evaluates the effects of the mind, body and environment, strengths
  12. Head to Toe Frameworks
    Collecting data from head to toe
  13. Body Systems Frameworks
    Focuses on a specific body system
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Unit 12, 8, 4
Neurological Assessment