human anatomy urinary and reproductive

  1. fibrous capsule
    in direct contact with outer surface of kidney
  2. peri and para nephric fat
    cushioning and insulation of the kidney when there isn't enough from anorexia it dips down and causes a blockage.
  3. renal fascia
    anchors kidney to the abdominal wall
  4. nephron
    the functional filtration unit of the kidney, filtration, tubular reabsorption, tubular secretin. 2 types- cortical and juxtamedullary.
  5. juxtaglomerular cells
    modified smooth muscle cells of the afferent arteriole. increases pressure and can tell the pressure so that it filters right.
  6. macula densa
    group of modified epithelium in the distal conveluted tubules. it creates renin
  7. trigone
    the triangle in the bladder that is what causes a bladder infection when bacteria get in it.
  8. corpus luteum
    yellow body produces the serge of hormones when ovulating.
  9. oogenesis
    creation of the egg
  10. interstitial cells
    reside in the seminal tubules on the sides and the produce hormone androgen.
  11. prostate gland
    produces mucin, citric acid (for nutrients for sperm), antigen helps liquify seamen
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human anatomy urinary and reproductive
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