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  1. Single greatest cause of IT project failure
    poor execution
  2. project
    a temporary effort to create a unique product, service, or result
  3. project management
    the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of company resourcers for a relatively short-term objective that has been established to complete specific goals and objectives
  4. program
    is a group of related, often interdependent projects
  5. portfolio
    collection of programs and projects
  6. portfolio management
    encompasses managing the collections of programs and projects in a portfolio.
  7. portfolio management office
    a centralized organization dedicated to improving the practice and outcomes of projects via holistic management of all projects. An organization's overall IM/IT governance structure and processes.
  8. discussion of figure 4.2
  9. silo mentality
  10. benefits of mature project function
    • an organization to be successful and efficient
    • success rate of IM/IT projects
  11. sequence of 5 key processes of PM
    • project initiation
    • project planning
    • project execution
    • project monitoring and controlling
    • project closing
  12. Benefit of Project Management Institute credentialling
    offers the Project Management Professional certification and the Program Management Professional certification
  13. Table 4.2 key skills of procurement and communication management knowledge areas.
    • initation and integration
    • scope management
    • time management
    • cost management
    • quality management
    • human resources management
    • communications management
    • risk management
    • procurement management
  14. Benefits of using project management tools
    automated support to more professionally manage projects
  15. Key benefit of critical path analysis and program management
    • critical path analysis- a forecast of the shortest possible time in which the overall project can be completed
    • program management- ability to collapse these tasks into the critical path of a project
  16. Impact of Portfolio dashboard
    providing strategic views into myriad projects the organization is working on to benefit IM/IT goverance decision making
  17. functions of portfolio management office
    • communication
    • management and oversight
    • staff function to support the IM/IT goverance
    • metrics and dashboards to facilitate transparency
  18. stages of portfolio management office function
    • ad hoc stage- informally and inconsistent, results are equally inconsistent
    • defined-apps and infrastruture are well defined and documented
    • managed- vetting and rationalizing or ranking projects based on key strategic criteria
    • synchronized- PMO scorecards or dashboards
  19. Key steps towards mitigating project risks and realizing anticipated benefits
    • -implementing professional project management capabilities
    • -identifying and managing the cross- project interdepencies that a program management approach
    • -portfolio management office with the organization's IM/IT goverance
  20. impact of HIPAA
    changed healthcare IM/IT over the decade
  21. 3 roles of external environment and government in healthcare
    • why does the govt get involved in regulating hc
    • what types of interventions
    • triggers interventions
  22. 3 challenges in healthcare
    cost, quality, and access
  23. justification for govt intervention in hc
    the marketplace does not perform its normal function of optimizing resource production efficiency and resource allocation decision making as classical economics theory
  24. Nat'l Library of Medicine
    hc excess should be familiar with NLM's funding priorities, as they have taken a large role in assisting hc org develop info systems to support clinical operations and research.
  25. reasons for govt intervention in healthcare
    • the govt gets involved in hc, broad obligation to protectthe health and welfare
    • lack of intervention
  26. Which provisions of HIPAA established transaction standards and the security and privacy of certain health info?
    • standards
    • provider and health plan mandate
    • privacy
    • preemption of state law
    • penalities
  27. year HIPPA was enacted
  28. transaction
    set standards warrant additional commentary because they are so vital to the effective implementation and use of the electronic record
  29. Primary focus of 3 categories of clinical systems
    • patient care systems
    • public health info systems
    • medical research info systems
  30. Which hc org positions or organizational units have lead HIPAA task forces?
  31. Privacy act of 1974
    protect the privacy of patients
  32. Responsibility of IT leadership
    fully understand the operational and resource implications of all legislation
  33. IS steering committee role in disaster protection and recovery
  34. What are the 3 elements of a comprehensive info security policy?
    • physical security
    • technical controls over access
    • management policies that are well known and enforced in all organizational units
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