FNS 26 Dorsal Thalamus I

  1. Subdivisions of the Diencephalon
    • Epithalmus
    • Hypothalamus
    • Thalamus
    • Subthalamus
  2. Functions of the Thalamus
    • Sensory path to the cerebral cortex
    • Recieves output from cerebellum
    • Ascending reticular formation system
    • Limbic system
  3. Anterior Nuclear Group
    Anterior Nucleus (A)
  4. Medial Nuclear Group
    Dorsal Medial Nucleus (DM)
  5. Dorsal Lateral Nuclear Group
    • Lateral Dorsal Nucleus (LD)
    • Lateral Posterior Nucleus (LP)
  6. Ventral Lateral Nuclear Group
    • Ventral Anterior Nucleus (VA)
    • Ventral Lateral Nucleus (VL)
    • Ventral Posterior Nucleus (VP) - VPM & VPL
  7. Intralaminar Nuclear Group
    • Parafascicular Nucleus (PF)
    • Centromedian Nucleus (CM)
  8. Posterior Nuclear Group
    • Pulvinar (Pu)
    • Lateral Geniculate Body (LGB)
    • Medial Geniculate Body (MGB)
  9. Which sensory pathway is not relayed to the cerebral cortex via the thalamus?

    CN I --> olfactory bulb --> olfactory cortex & amygdala --> thalamus (DM)
  10. Relay Nuclei
    Relay ascending systems to and descending systems from cortical projections

    ex. VP, MGB, LGB, LD, LP
  11. Diffuse Connection Nuclei
    Information from various ascending systems with many connections

    ex. Intralaminar nuclei, VA
  12. Subcortical nuclei
    Reticular nucleus

    Connected only with other thalamic nuclei
  13. Karsakoff's Syndrome
    • Vitamin B1 thiamine deficiency
    • degeneration of Dorsal Medial Nucleus and Mammillary Bodies
    • Difficulty in gaining new information
    • Confabulation to fill memory gaps
    • Apathy OR talkative/repetative
  14. Anterior nuclear group function
    Limbic system: emotions, autonomic relationship to behavior
  15. Ventral Anterior Nucleus - function
    • Motor functions w/ basal ganglia
    • Arousal w/ ARAS
  16. Dorsal Medial Nucleus - function
    • Olfactory
    • Emotion, memory pain, stress w/ amygdala input
    • Motor functions w/ basal ganglia
  17. Ventral Lateral Anterior Nucleus - function
    Motor functions w/ basal ganglia
  18. Ventral Lateral Posterior Nucleus - function
    Motor functions w/ cerebellum
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FNS 26 Dorsal Thalamus I
FNS 26 Dorsal Thalamus I