Chapter 43

  1. Undesirable and unexpected effects of medications that may be harmful.
    Adverse reaction
  2. Medication given to increase chances for long-term immunity, as with immunizations.
    Booster dose
  3. Rod-shaped, compressed powdered drug form
  4. Factors that indicate a medication should not be prescribed becasue potential risks outweigh potential benefits.
  5. Drugs that have potential for abuse, misuse and addiction
    Controlled Substances
  6. Total amount of medication in the body after repeated doses of that accumulates in the body one time.
    Cumulative dose
  7. Drug that heals disease or cures infection.
    Curative dose
  8. Diagnostic Drug
    Drug that assists in diagnosing a disease during a procedure, such as radiopaque dye with x-rays
  9. Total amount of medication that is administered in separate doses.
    divided dose
  10. Solutions using alcohol, water, sugar, and a drug or combination of drugs.
  11. Substance in an oil-based liquid that must be shaken before use.
  12. Tablet with special coating that dissolves in the small intestine.
    enteric-coated tablet
  13. First dose of medication administered
    Initial dose
  14. Section of a presciption where the name of the medication is entered
  15. tablet containing two or more ingredients layered to dissolve and be absorbed at different times
    layered tablet
  16. amount of medication that proves deadly to a patient
    lethal dose
  17. amount of medication needed by the body to maintain its desired effect
    maintenance dose
  18. chart that shows the relationship of body surface area to height and weight in calculating drug dosage. Usually for a child or an infant but may be used with adults.
  19. semi-solid mixture of medications tha has an oil base for external use
  20. route for medication given under the skin or other than the digestive system
  21. route for medication given through the skin
  22. medication that lessens or prevents the effets of a disease
    prophylactic drug
  23. tablet with indentations across the middle that allows it to be broken in half
    scored tablet
  24. guidelines for drug administration. Right patient, drug, dose, route, time, technique and documentation.
    seven rights
  25. capusle that contains time-released beads of medication
  26. solution that has undissolved particals and must be shaken to distribute evenly before administration
  27. medication that restores the body to its pre-symotomatic state
    therapeudic drug
  28. liquid medications mixed with an alcohol base
  29. harmful effects of drugs on body
  30. lozenges
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