ss test rome

  1. etruscans
    greek colonists living north of rome
  2. republic
    people chose some officials
  3. patricians
    members of the upper landholding class
  4. consuls
    supervise the business of government+ command armies
  5. dictators
  6. plebeians
    farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders who made up bulk of government
  7. tribunes
    plebeian leaders who protect interests + could veto
  8. veto
    block laws
  9. legion
    military unit around 5000 soldiers
  10. Imperialism
    establishing control over forein lands and peoples
  11. latifundia
    huge farming estates
  12. tiberius + Gaius Gracchus
    two brothers who were one of the firsts to attempt reform
  13. Julius Ceaser
    military commander great emperor
  14. Augustus
    exalted one , first citizen
  15. Census
    Population Count
  16. Hadrian
    one in a series of good emperors
  17. Virgil
    thought rome and Greece were equal
  18. Satirize
    make fun of
  19. mosaic
    painting from colored glass
  20. engineering
  21. aqueduct
    water transport
  22. ptolemy
    thought earth was the center of the universe
  23. Diocletian
    Emperor of Rome - restored order divided empire kept wealthy half gave maxima the other
  24. inflation
    rapid rise of prices
  25. constantinople
  26. Huns
    nomadic people
  27. Mercenaries
    paid soldiers
  28. Scipio
    won the second punic war for rome by defeating Hannibal
  29. Marc Antony
    supporter of Julius formed Aliance with Augustus and Marcus Lepidus the alliance broke and he lost the final war of rome
  30. Alaric
    destroyed rome in 410 B.C. was a visigoth
  31. Odoacer
    ended roman empire became first ruler of italy
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