Amex: Chapters 12-13

  1. What united many Germans behind Hitler?
    his confession he had murdered those in his way because of his love for Germany
  2. Fascism
    the belief the whole country is more important than individual
  3. What happened in Germany in Feb 1933?
    many german civil rights were suspended
  4. Two ways Hitler defended Treaty of Versailles?
    • rebuilt German military
    • sent troops to Germany's Rhineland
  5. What was the August 1939 agreement between Russia and Germany?
    both agreed not to attack eachother
  6. What event caused WWII to start?
    Hitler invaded Poland
  7. What is the "China Incident"
    term used by Japanese officials to downplay full scale war in China
  8. What were the Neutrality Acts in response to?
    • Italy's invasion of Ethiopia
    • Outbreak of Spanish Civil War
  9. Totalitarian
    govt that takes complete control of all aspects of life
  10. Blitzfrieg
    Intensive attack, means lightning war
  11. Winston Churchill
    Prime Minister of Great Britain
  12. Where was a civil war fought in 1936?
  13. What was the Battle of Britain?
    Sept to May 1941 Hitler incessantly bombed London
  14. What were two responses America had to the War in Europe? (define)
    • Interventionalism- give support, dont enter war
    • Isolationism- stay out of war
  15. How did the US support the war w/o joining it? (3)
    • signed first peacetime draft
    • Lend Lease act
    • US navy defends supply ships to allies
  16. What was the Atlantic Charter? Who signed it origanally? What was the resulting organization?
    • set of common principes establishing goals for post-war
    • agreed on by Churchill and FDR
    • UN was the result
  17. How did FDR retaliate to Japan seizing Indonesia?
    cut off trade to Japan and froze Japanese assets
  18. Which city was handed to the Germans w/o incident in June 1940?
    Paris, France
  19. Did the Luftwaffe or the RAF have better planes and more skilled pilots?
    RAF= British Royal Air Force
  20. What were four reasons to sign up for the war?
    • patriotism
    • anger at axis
    • desire for adventure
    • joblessness
  21. True or False? African Americans were generally sent into combat and fully integrated.
    false on both counts
  22. True or False? Hispanics were the most decorated race.
  23. What was the Casablanca Conference? Who wasn't present?
    • Allies meet to determine strategy for war
    • Stalin not present
  24. What two factors drove back the Germans when they invaded the Soviet Union in 1941?
    • severe winter
    • soviet troops and civilian determination
  25. Seige of this city lasted for almost 3years and resulted in over a million deaths.
  26. Battle in which the Russians experienced more causalities than US did in entire war
    Battle of Stalingrad
  27. Turning point in Africa for Allies
    British victory in El Alamein in 1943
  28. What major event for the Allies occured in June 1944?
    Italy surrendered
  29. Largest combined land-sea-air invasion in history
  30. What was the result of D-Day?
    US acquired base in France
  31. What was the Battle of the Bulge?
    Final german offensive, opened road to Germany
  32. Died on April 12, 1945
  33. Who took over for Roosevelt?
    Harry Truman
  34. What happened April 30th 1945?
    Hitler committed suicide
  35. What is the significance of May 8th, 1945?
    declared victory in europe day
  36. What was the Battle of Midway?
    first major Japanese defeat
  37. What were the four freedoms fought for?
    • freedom of speech
    • freedom of worship
    • freedom from want
    • freedom from fear
  38. What were gardens people grew to support war effort?
    victory gardens
  39. What was an alternative to gardens that civilans did to support the war?
    collected scrap metal, paper, rubber
  40. What were four ways media helped to support war?
    • entertainment industry created war movies
    • comic strip characters went to war
    • patriotic songs
    • ads urged Americans to buy less
  41. What was the War Production Board's job? (2)
    • to control economy
    • oversaw switch of manufacturing consumer goods to military materials
  42. True or False? National Unity was stimulating by ads on TV.
  43. True or False? Crop prices doubled between 1940 to 1945.
  44. The dollar value of all goods and services produced annually in a country
  45. To avoid this, FDR suggested a price freeze
  46. The OPA used this to keep prices down
  47. A statistic showing the change in prices of selected goods and services.
    CPI: Consumer Price Index
  48. In 1942 Congress passed a Revenue Act requiring all citizens to pay this
    income tax
  49. how did civilans help fund the war?
    liberty bonds
  50. What did major labor unions promise not to do during the war?
  51. Who went on strike in 1941?
    coal miners
  52. job creation due to military mobilization led to this.
  53. Cali city home to aircraft factory, naval base and shipping center
    San diego
  54. Race Riot city
  55. Zoot suit riot city
    Los angelos
  56. Did the US provide opportunities for children whose parents were at work or war?
  57. using borrowed money
    deficit spending
  58. Who led the movvemtn for black equality in 1941?
    Phillip Randolf
  59. Which movement was designed to draw attention to discrimination of blacks?
    March on Washington Movement
  60. Executive order 8802, written by this president, required government agencies stop discrimination
  61. rights gaurenteed to all citizens
    civil liberties
  62. foreign born Japanese Americans
  63. children of foreign born Japanese Americans, born in US
  64. the policy of comprimising or giving-in to a hosilt nation to avoid war
  65. the name for the alliance of germany, italy and japan
    axis powers
  66. through this act, the US provided arms and supplies to allies before officially joining war
    lend lease act
  67. invaded Ethiopis in 1935
  68. country waged war in Nanjing and Shanghai
  69. City bombed intensely by Germans during sept 1940- may 1941.
  70. What request was made on dec 7 1941?
    to declare war on japan
  71. Island hopping strategy was used to defeat whihc nation?
  72. Why did Japan invade Manchuria?
    for raw materials and land
  73. The failure of the Maginot line resulted in...
    the German takeover of France
  74. Why was the battle for Guadalcanal significant?
    it stopped the japanese advance to Australia
  75. Operation overload enable the allied forces to...
    establish a base from whihc to sweep the Germnas out of France
  76. The war in europe ended in may 1945, shortly after
    soviet and american troops met in Berlin
  77. AN important reason for American alarm at the Japanese invasion of China was...
    a fear of the end of the Open Door Policy with China
  78. General Dwight D. Eisenhower was commander of...
    the D-Day invasion
  79. General Douglas MacArthur was commander of...
    the US war effort in the Pacific
  80. The first major Japanese defeat, Hawaii is safe
  81. The final major campaign and bloodiest battle of the Pacific
  82. Allied invasion of "fortress Europe"
  83. Two locations taken over by the Japanese
    Dutch East Indies, Guam
  84. Tens of thousands of Japanese were imprisioned in these
    internment camps
  85. Leader of Soviet Union during WWII
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