4A - Ch. 1 (Korean to English)

  1. 관련
  2. 관련 있다
    to have a connection/relationship
  3. 국어
    a language
  4. 국어 사전
    language dictionary
  5. 노력
  6. 대가
  7. 법당
    a Buddhist sanctuary
  8. 불교
  9. 불상
    a statue of Buddha
  10. 서예
  11. 수첩
    a small notebook
  12. 자원봉사자
  13. Buddhist temple
  14. 조언
  15. 탱화
    Buddhist painting
  16. 관심
  17. 관심을 갖다
    to take an interest in
  18. 관심이 있다
    to be interested in
  19. 나누다
    to share
  20. 말씀을 나누다
    to talk (honorific form)
  21. 시간을 내다
    to make time for
  22. 찾아보다
    to look something up
  23. 메모하다
    to make a note, to take notes
  24. 어울리다
    to associate with
  25. 40년이 다 됐네요.
    It's already been almost 40 years.
  26. 조언 한말씀 부탁드립니다.
    Please give us some advice.
  27. 결과
    a result
  28. 내용
    contents, subject matter
  29. 부분
    a part, a section
  30. 생각
  31. 생각형
    the thinking type
  32. in
  33. 머리 속으로
    in one's head
  34. 순서
    order, sequence
  35. 순차
    order, sequence
  36. 순차형
    methodical type
  37. 유형
    a type, style
  38. 학습유형
    a learning style
  39. 전체
    whole, all
  40. 전체형
    the big pictured type, the holistic type
  41. 줄거리
    an outline, a summary
  42. 짝수
    an even number
  43. 학습
  44. 행동
    an action
  45. 행동형
    the active type, the impulsive type
  46. 홀수
    an odd number
  47. 고치다
    to correct, to fix
  48. 노력하다
    to make an effort, do one's best
  49. 실수하다
    to make a mistake
  50. 요약하다
    to summarize
  51. 행동하다
    to act, to conduct (behavior)
  52. 간단하다
    to be simple
  53. 부끄럽다
    to be shy
  54. 자세하다
    to be detailed
  55. 정확하다
    to be exact, to be accurate
  56. 깊이
  57. 바로
  58. 과정
    a process
  59. level
  60. 초급
    beginner level
  61. 중급
    intermediate level
  62. 고급
    advanced level
  63. a way
  64. 작가가 되는 길
    way to become an artist
  65. 매력
    an appeal, charm
  66. 매력에 빠지다
    to be enthralled with
  67. 명성
    a reputation
  68. 명성을 얻다
    to gain/acquire a reputation
  69. 스님
    a Buddhist monk (honorific form)
  70. 실력
  71. 열정
    passion, ardor
  72. 이유
    a reason, cause
  73. 인내심
    patience, perseverance
  74. 작가
    an artist
  75. 탱화 작가
    Buddhist art painter
  76. 중간
    part way
  77. 진심
    a sincere mind
  78. 초심
    one's original intention
  79. 강조하다
    to emphasize
  80. 넘다
    to be more than, to exceed
  81. 베끼다
    to trace, to copy
  82. 생기다
    to occur
  83. 마음이 생기다
    to desire
  84. 잃다
    to lose
  85. 즐기다
    to enjoy
  86. 활동하다
    to work
  87. 익숙하다
    to be used to, to be accustomed to
  88. 가까이
    close, near
  89. 그대로
    as it is
  90. 우연히
    by chance, coincidentally
  91. 그랬군요.
    I see; Really; I understand.
  92. 누구시더라.
    Who is that? (saying to oneself when trying to remember someone's name)
  93. 방학이 금방 지나갔어요.
    The holiday went quickly.
  94. 아직 멀었어요.
    I still have a long way to go.
  95. 잘하기는요.
    Not really.
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