VSOL 10a 4th Grade

  1. This is the branch of state government that makes state laws.

    C. ) the General Assembly
  2. This is the branch of the state government that decides cases about people acccused of breaking the law and determines whether or not a law agrees with Virginia's constitution.

    C. ) the Judicial Branch
  3. This branch of state government makes sure that laws are carried out.

    C. ) Executive Branch
  4. This branch of government is headed up by the Governor.

    B. ) Executive Branch
  5. This branch of government is also called the legislative branch.

    A. ) the General Assembly
  6. What are the two parts of the General Assembly called.

    D. ) The House of Delegates and the Senate
  7. How many branches are there in the Virginia State government?

    C. ) 3
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VSOL 10a 4th Grade
The Branches of State Government