O chem exam 1

  1. Define Polycyclic compound
    A compound containing more than one ring
  2. Define Heterocyclic compound
    A ring stucture that contains an atom other than carbon
  3. Define Constitutional isomer
    Same molecular formula, different structures

    Structural isomer - different connectivity
  4. Define gauche structure
    Two carbons that are 1 and 4 relative to each other 60 degrees apart
  5. Define Hybrid Orbitals
    e.g. Sp^3- where stomic orbitals hybridize to form molecular orbitals
  6. Define Steric effects
    e- repulsion or neighboring groups
  7. Define Londn dispersion forces
    Van der Waal interaction- Intermolecular forces in nonpolar + non charged molecules
  8. Define Nucleophile
    e- pair donor
  9. Define pKa Value
    The definition of Ka is: [H+].[B] / [HB], where B is the conjugate base of the acid HB.
  10. Aromatic hydrocarbon
    benzene conformation
  11. 1 carbon, alcohol, acid
    methane, methanol, methanoic
  12. 2 carbon, alkane, alkene, alcohol
    Ethane, ethene, ethanol
  13. 3 carbon, alkane, alkene, alkyne, alcohol
    Propane, propene, propyne, propanol
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