Western Europe During WWI

    Modernist Realist Movement

    Trying to show the figure in its real/raw form

    Objectivity to express the artists world

    Honest representation of the WAR which they don't celebrate at all.

    Ugliness is conveyed and not sugar coated
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    "The volunteers"

    • Kathe Kollwitz
    • 1922-23

    Her work remains ture to espressionism- hard to associate her to any one movement

    dedicated to the forum of protest and socialism

    Printmaker- she liked that you could reach many through mass production, and it is a simple way to relay a message

    Her husband runs a clinic and she spends a lot of time there

    School for women artists

    In this print- there is no hope that these men will get out of this alive. Their fates are sealed- they are marching to their deaths
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    "Woman with a dead Child"

    • Kollwitz
    • 1903

    Etching- like engraving but instead you have a thin layer of wax and using a stylus you remove the material of where you want lines. Submerge it in acid which eats away at the metal and it leaves a crisp clean line.

    Repeated theme- woman with dead child - it is a reference to Mary cradling Jesus. But removes the gracefulness of other representation- the woman clutches. Her son also died in the front lines- she used him as the model for this work. A tragic preminition
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    "Fit for Active Service"

    • Grosz
    • 1916-17

    drawing- artist for publication

    prisoned many times for his uncensorred politically charged artwork

    Saying people who are clearly not fit for war are still being put in war.
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    "The Skat Players-Card Playing War Invalids"

    • Otto Dix
    • 1920

    Another major painter of the movement

    brutality and violence major themes seen in his work

    this painting- after effects of the war- anti-heroic, and grossly represented with the distortion and injuries the war caused to their bodies.

    Though he keeps the seduction playing by using vibrant colors
  6. Neue

    Frau (“New Woman”)
    • The new women in Germany
    • portrait by Otto Dix is an example of representing the New Woman

    hands long and large, no breasts, blocky dress, hiding any femininity.

    Sagging stocking- messy, not polished

    Call to order/return to order
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    "Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden"

    • Dix
    • 1926

    He wants to paint her, and she accuses him of wanting to paint her to put people off, and he agrees but still wants to paint her. She agrees even though he insulted her

    ugly portrait- exaggerated ugliness

    she is in a modified pose covering her chest and lap and so these points are not available to the viewer.

    She is smoking and drinking in public which wasn't appropriate in the 1920s
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    "The War"

    • Dix
    • 1929-32

    Trench warfare that he himself experienced. Propegandistic art galleries to show what the war was really about

    Color used to add to the mood

    Contruction of work resebles the alter piece.

    progression- going to war bravely, then they are in the trench of war- an apocolyptic decription of what it was like, comrads trying to save eachother and then underneath they are dead
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    "Dr. Mayer-Hermann"

    • Dix
    • 1926

    Magic realism

    extreme realism- rigid pose, eerie quality

    mode of representation that takes on a different feel by taking ordinary items and represent them very real creating an eeriness feeling
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    "Circus Artists"

    • August Sanders
    • 1926-1932

    influenced by the new object movement even though he is a photographer

    series- the people of the twentith century (this photo is part of it)

    farmer, women, ... , class and professions, city , ,artist, last people

    forced to gaze at people you normally wouldn't- they look directly into the camera lense
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    • Max Backmann
    • 1918-19

    Best known painter from the New Ojectivity movement.

    wants to tap into the disturbing quality of romantic art. His also has an expressive quality

    a cramped room with intruders who are attacking the family within. A horrific result of a time filled with war and violence.

    He uses himself and family as the models for this work. He deviates from the return to order by haing hte material being disjointed: The womans hands are bound to the window which is too far away with a table in front. But this distortion reflects the feel the people are going through
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    Decorative Figure Against an Ornamental Background

    • Matisse
    • 1925
  13. Image Upload 11
    Large reclining nude

    • Matisse
    • 1935
  14. Magic

    • a type of SUPerrealism
    • coined “Magic Realism”
    • representation that
    • takes on an aura of fantastic because commonplace objects are
    • unexpectedly exaggerated and detailed

    • Otto Dix's 1926 – Dr.
    • Mayer-Hermann
  15. Neue

    Sachlichkeit (“New Objectivity”)-
    • Version:1.0
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    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    • New social realism in
    • painting
    • disillusionment and
    • cynicism
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    Degenerate Art

    • Nazi rid the country of
    • degenerate art in 1933
    • directed largely at
    • expressionism- sympathetic eo negro culture
    • anything advant garde,
    • jewish influence
    • 16,000 works seized
    • included works by:
    • Gauguin, Van Gogh, kandinsky, Klee, Marc, and more
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