1. Why is the germanium crystal used on the afocal assembly window?
    it has favorable 8-14 micron wavelength transmission properties
  2. How can crews help protect the PNVS coating?
    • stow if not used in flight
    • put covers on when on ground
  3. Why does the PNVS have a cooler?
    reduce distortion/video noise, and makes detectors more sensitive
  4. What are the two types of night vision devices available to crewmembers?
    thermal images and image intensifiers
  5. What is the purpose of thermal imaging systems?
    provide an IR image of a scene by detecting heat
  6. What is the advantage of thermal imagers over image intensifiers?
    they don't need light
  7. What atmospheric elements affect the composition or density of the atmosphere and, therefore, affect IR signal transmission?
    smoke, haze, dust, moisture, and fog
  8. What two factors create most of the parallax effect?
    angle and distance
  9. How is the PNVS turned on?
    automatically through APU (if set up through AMPS), manually on AGPU
  10. What is FLIR polarity?
  11. What is important to remember about the ACM switch?
    if it is on level and gain are not active
  12. How can a crewmember tell what polarity their FLIR system is in?
    • look at the sky
    • sky dark = whit hot
    • sky light = blk hot
  13. How can the crewmember using the PNVS bring it out from the stow position?
    NVS MODE switch to normal or fixed
  14. What four considerations must be met prior to optimizing FLIR?
    • "FLIR NOT COOL" message gone
    • scene rich in detail
    • select desired polarity
    • 1 control at a time
  15. Which should be optimized first, FLIR or IHADSS?
  16. What is the definition of FLIR optimization?
    using a combination of level and gain to achieve best detail
  17. What is the primary objective of FLIR adjustment?
    best quality image for flight environment
  18. What 2 things should crewmembers ensure before they optimize FLIR?
    • ACM off
    • FLIR/NVS NOT COOL message gone
  19. What establishes the FOV of the PNVS?
    afocal assembly
  20. How can the crewmember in control of the PNVS stow the PNVS?
    NVS mode switch - off
  21. What symbology is always presented on the PNVS display?
  22. What does the NORM position provide the pilot?
    • video
    • symbology
    • slaved to pilots helmet
  23. What does the FIXED position provide the pilot?
    • 0 degrees azimuth
    • -4.9 degrees elevation
  24. What major components are located within each section of the TADS?
    • DSA: DVO(Direct View Optics), DTV, LST(Laser Spot Tracker), LRFD(Laser Range Finder and Designator)
    • NSA: FLIR
  25. What must crews ensure on preflight for TADS operation?
    covers off: DSA cover, NSA cover, Boresight Module cover
  26. What message will be presented to the crew if the TEU fails?
  27. Why is the TADS resolution not as good as the resolution of the PNVS?
    designed for targeting, not for flight, medium resolution
  28. When is the TADS not an available selection as a sensor?
    NVS mode switch is off
  29. If the CPG is using the TADS as a sight and it is required for NVS flight, what must the CPG do to gain control of the TADS as a sensor?
    NVS mode switch - NORM or FIXED
  30. If either crewmember selects the TADS from a sight to a sensor, what image will be displayed on the HDU?
  31. What symbology will be displayed on the HDU when using TADS as a sensor?
  32. What is the fixed FOV of the TADS when used as a sensor?
    30 X 40 degrees
  33. What is the slew rate of the TADS?
    60 degrees/sec
  34. What are the two stow positions for the TADS?
    • stowed - 0 elev and 180 az degrees
    • fixed forward - 0 az and elev
  35. Which crewmember can stow the TADS?
  36. How can a crewmember select the opposite sensor?
    NVS select switch
  37. Can the pilot always select the TADS from the CPG?
  38. Can the CPG always select the PNVS from the pilot?
  39. If both crewmembers are using a sensor, what happens if either crewmember selects the NVS select switch on the collective flight grip?
    sensor swap
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