3rd querter test three

  1. what things should the health care workers try to do to present a healthy apperance?
    diet, rest, exercise, good posture, avoidance of tobacco and drugs, personal hygiene
  2. what type of jewelry is allowed in hospitals?
    watch, wedding ring, and small pierced earrings
  3. what type of jewelry is prohibited in hospitals?
    long earrings, bracelets, and necklaces
  4. why must nails be kept short?
    long nails can cause injury to the patient
  5. why must nails be kept clean?
    germs are transmitted when dirt is collected under nails
  6. what should a health care worker who has close patient contact do with his/her hair?
    keep hair pinned back and off collar
  7. why should hair be pinned back and off the collar? (3 reasons)
    keeps hair from touching patient, prevent hair from falling on tray or equipment, and to avoid blocking vision during a procedure
  8. define empathy
    to be able to identify and understand another person's feelings, situation, and motives
  9. define discretion
    using good judgment in what you say and do
  10. define competence
    qualified and capable of preforming a task
  11. define enthusiasm
    must enjoy your work and display a positive attitude
  12. define honesty
    truthfulness and integrity
  13. define self-motivation
    ability to begin or to follow through on a task
  14. define tact
    ability to do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation
  15. define a democratic leader
    takes the opinion of everyone and makes a decision based on everyones opinion
  16. define a laissez-faire leader
    basically lets the problem work out
  17. define a autocratic leader
    basically tells people what to do
  18. list several characteristics of a leader
    • 1) respects the rights, dignity, opinions and abilites of others
    • 2) understands the principles of democracy
    • 3) able to work with a group and guide the group towards a goal
    • 4) aware of own strengths and weaknesses
  19. which part of the nervous system responds when the body is under stress?
    sympathetic nervous system
  20. which hormone is released as part of the stress response?
  21. what are the effects of the stress response to the body?
    • 1) increased blood flow to the brain and heart
    • 2) decreased movement in the digestive tract
    • 3) pupils dilate to improve vision
    • 4) salive production decreases
    • 5) heart beats more rapidly, blood pressure rises, and respiratory
  22. list 3 examples of stressors
    situations, events, concepts
  23. list several examples of diseases
    • 1) depression
    • 2) allergies
    • 3) asthma
  24. list several examples of coping skills
    1) breathing 2) enjoy little stuff 3) take break from people
  25. define a long term goal
    a goal that takes years to accomplish
  26. define short term goals
    smaller goals that can be changed
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