Imperialism Test

  1. identify and explain the motives for imperialism
    • economy-new markets and nat. resources
    • religion-spread christianity
    • nationalism-who is greatest
    • spread civilization-social darwinism, white mans burden, make them like euros
  2. colony
    foreign power govs a country or territory
  3. protectorate
    country has its own gov but ruled by an outside power
  4. sphere of influence
    • -outside investment controls investment and trading privileges
    • -only trade with them
    • -china
  5. economic imperialism
    • -seperated but less developed countries controlled by a private businesses interests rather than govs
    • -india
  6. paternalism
    -govern ppl in a parental way by providing their needs but not giving them rights
  7. berlin conference
    -(euros) set up rules on how to claim land in africa
  8. closed society
    -dont allow any outside influence
  9. oped door policy
    -any nation can move in, force them to trade, and take over areas as spheres of influence
  10. roosevelt corollary
    -saw ourselves as "police" of western hemisphere
  11. monroe doctrine
    -told euro. that w. hemisphere was closed to new colonization
  12. society of harmonious fists
    -chinese that rebelled against open door policy (which failed)
  13. commodore perry
    -took fleet of steam ships and demanded that japs open themselves up to trade from america
  14. spanish-american war
    -took phillipeans and guam from spanish after war
  15. sine-japanese war
    -took korea from china
  16. russa-japanese war
    -took manchuria from russia
  17. communism
    -everyone contributes their skills and makes products to benefit people with other skills that cant make those products so everyone gets what they need
  18. capitalism
    -buisnesses compete over the consumer
  19. assimilation
    the adoption of the conquerors culture by the conquered people
  20. benefits of euro colonization in africa
    • -reduced local tribal warfare
    • -improved schools, education, and technology
    • -improved health conditions
    • -built infrastructure
    • -roads, bridges, dams, electricity
  21. problems of euro colonization in africa
    • -loss of african freedom hurt their development as nations
    • -euro. created boundary issues
    • -introduced euro diseases to new areas of africa
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