1. What are the 2 limits to cell growth
    • surface area to volume ratio
    • cellular communication
  2. What is cellular communication?
    larger= more demand on DNA and harder to get info around
  3. What increases faster volume or surface area?
  4. How is a cell's DNA like books in a library>
    holds info
  5. The rate @ which materials enter and leave through the cell membrane depends on
  6. What are the 2 new cells called after cell division occurs?
    sister chromatids
  7. What is the point @ which the chromatids are attached?
  8. Which phase consists of major cell growth?
    G1 or interphase
  9. List & describe 3 points of cell cycle
    • interphase=growth
    • mitosis= division of nucleus
    • cytokinesis= division of cytoplasm
  10. Which phase is DNA replicated?
    s stage
  11. what are the 3 stages of mitosis?
  12. what 3 important things happen during prophase
    • nucleus dissolves
    • chromatin condenses into chromosomes
    • spindle fibers form
  13. What are spindle fibers made of
  14. volume has to do with
    size of cell
  15. surface area has to do with
    • waste products out
    • cellular communication
  16. what is chromatin
    relaxed form of DNA (uncoiled)
  17. what is a chromosome
    • carry genetic info
    • 46
    • made of protein & DNA
    • coiled
  18. what are sister chromatids
    identical strands of DNA
  19. G1
  20. G2
    prepared for mitosis
  21. S stage
    replicate DNA
  22. plant cytokinesis
    cell plate forms
  23. animal cytokinesis
    pinched into 2
  24. why do cells divide
    to help you grow, to heal
  25. what 2 cells form from sister chromatids
    daughter cells
  26. process that forms daughter cells
  27. when do chromosomes become visible
  28. what happens during metaphase
    chromosomes line up @ equator
  29. what happens during anaphase
    divide and sister chromatids move to opposite poles
  30. what happens during telophase
    reverse prophase
  31. what is a cycline
    • protein binds to enzymes
    • starts G2 and S phase
    • regulates cell life
  32. what is cancer
    unregulated cell growth
  33. 2 types of stem cells
    • emybrionic
    • adult
  34. stem cells are
    unspecialized cells
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