Psychology 200

  1. Learning involves?
    Changes because of experiences in life.
  2. Jill is sexually attracted to men but not to her brother. What is this called?
  3. A toddler is taught to fear cars and roads so they now begin to fear all things with wheels. What is this called?
  4. If you put money in a vending machine and out comes candy. What does this demonstrate?
    Operant Conditioning
  5. Who performed the first experiment of associative learning?
  6. Jill developed a fear of flying because she was in a plane crash, but now she is able to fly again. What does this demonstrate?
  7. A therapist reminds Jill of her father so her actions towards the therapist are similar to her actions towards her father, what does this show?
  8. A child learned to fear rabbits, so now anytime that a white animal is shown the child is scared. This demonstrates what?
  9. Reinforcement and punishment actions
    Operant conditioning.
  10. Events that increase the behavior it follows.
  11. Jill runs two miles because it removes stress from her. What does this show?
    Negative reinforce
  12. When Joe finishes painting his neighbors house he will get $2000. Joe will not stop until he finishes because he will get paid. This demonstrates what?
    Immediate reinforcement
  13. A child is punished at home for swearing but not punished at school. Because of this he realizes it is ok to swear at school. This shows what?
  14. What can physical punishment lead to?
    Anger, fear
  15. A business has a profit sharing plan which each employee gets paid for a product that the company makes. This is called what?
    Operant conditioning
  16. Classical and Operant learning is a type of _____ learning
  17. Type of learning in which one learns to like one or more stimuli to an event.
  18. Who developed observational learning
  19. Type of learning in which a consequence follows an action.
  20. Persistence of learning over time through the storage and retrieval of information.
  21. Processing of information into the memory system.
  22. Process of getting information out of memory storage.
  23. Retention of encoding information over time.
  24. Brief recording of sensory information in memory system
    Sensory memory
  25. You do this with effort or with no effort.
  26. Automatic processing occurs without _____.
    Conscious thought
  27. Automatically encode information about ____.
    Time, frequency, and space.
  28. Constantly repeating information
  29. Spelling a word over and over.
  30. College students need to study some every day instead of cramming the night before a test because of ____.
    Spacing effect
  31. When given a list and asked to recall the information given. Mostly the first and last word are remembered because of the ____.
    Serial position effect.
  32. Memory aid.
  33. Organizing into familiar manageable units.
  34. Recall exact position of information.
  35. 1-800-holiday
  36. Memory with no capacity
    Long term
  37. Remembering the exact moment of a given emotion
    Flashbulb memory.
  38. Retention of skills but cannot recall how to perform that skill.
    Implicit memory
  39. Retrieve information learned before.
  40. identify items previously learned, such as a high school classmate
  41. Fewer retrieval cues.
  42. Older woman looking through wedding photos and begins to recall that day.
    Retrieval cues
  43. Being in a place and recall being in similar events
    déjà vu
  44. If someone is drinking and they hid a liquor bottle they will not be able to remember where they hid it until they are drinking again.
  45. Recalling memories that are consistent with ones current mood.
    Mood-congruent memories
  46. When you cannot remember the name of a song until the singers name is mentioned.
    Retrieval cues
  47. After seeing a car crash the witnesses give two different speeds at which the cars were going because they hear others answers.
    Misinformation effect
  48. When you spend two hours trying to come up with the answer but the answer does not come to you until you are asleep.
  49. People have been told that boys misbehave more than girls so people tend to look for the boys to misbehave instead of the girls.
    Confirmation bias
  50. Inability to see a problem from a new perspective
  51. Stockbrokers believe they have always picked the right stocks.
  52. Even though there are two views on capital punishment you stick to your belief no matter what.
    belief perseverance
  53. The weather report says there is a 20% chance of rain so Jill takes her umbrella with her, but when the weather report said there was an 80% chance of no rain she left her umbrella at home. What does this demonstrate?
  54. Stage of speech development in which the infant spontaneously utters various sounds.
    Babbling stage
  55. Stage in which the child speaks mainly in single words.
    One-word stage
  56. Chomsky says human language depends on what?
  57. The ability to learn from experience.
  58. Facial expressions are an example of what?
    Emotional intelligence
  59. 80% of questions on an IQ test are ___.
  60. Tests that yield constant results
  61. or below on a standardized test considers you to be ____.
    Intellectually disabled
  62. Mild level of intellectual disability with a 5th grade education, what is their IQ between?
  63. Learning without reinforces
    Latent learning
  64. Decreases the behavior it follows.
  65. Teaching a dog to roll over on your command demands what kind of reinforcement?
  66. Increases behavior
  67. All mental activities
  68. Underestimate the time needed to complete an assignment.
  69. Tests used to predict new skills.
  70. What do achievement tests measure
    Learned knowledge and skills
  71. Bell- curve.
    Normal curve
  72. IQ tests based on cultural experiences are ___.
  73. IQ tests scores have dropped since 1918.
    Flynn effect
  74. These people have trouble adapting.
    Intellectually disabled
  75. Increases behavior
    Positive & negative reinforce
  76. Helps remember type writer & fire
  77. Eat apple is consider a word that an infant is what stage would say?
  78. Pop quizzes are reinforced on ____?
    Variable intervals
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