World Religions Taoism

  1. Chuang Tzu´╗┐

    • –2nd most important
    • book of scripture

    –No right or wrong except by inner feelings

    –Written by Chuang Tzu
  2. •Fields
    of Cinnebar:
    • –Three regions of the body, subject to three
    • “worms”

    •Head – old age

    •Chest – disease

    •Abdomen – death
  3. •Hsien:
    – Immortals
  4. •I Ching:
    –book of changes

    –Used for divination
  5. Ko Hung):
    • –An influential early Taoist who attempted to
    • combine Confucianism and Taoism, sought immortality through alchemy.
  6. •Kuei:
    –Bad/Unpredictable spirits
  7. Peng-lai
    –paradisiacal island

    –Where hsien dwell
  8. Shen
    –Good/Helpful spirits
  9. Tao
    –“the way”
  10. •Tao
    Te Ching:
    –“the power of the way”

    –basic text of Taoism, by Lao Tzu
  11. •Tao
    –the Taoist canon
  12. •Wu-wei:

    • –No pride, resistance, defiance, agitation,
    • ambition

    –Humility, spontaneity
  13. •Wu-hsing:
    –5 elements/movements

    –balance in the human body and in the universe

    • Wood Fire Earth
    • Metal Water

    • –East
    • South Center West
    • North

    • –Green
    • Red Yellow White
    • Black

    • –Anger
    • Joy Pensive Grief
    • Fear
  14. Founder
    Lao Tzu
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