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  1. What gases are diffusion limited?
    CO, O2
  2. What gases are perfusion limited?
    • Niitrous oxide (N20), O2 (more common pefusion than diffusion)
  3. What causes O2 to switch from perfusion to diffusion-mediated?
    • Diffusion capacity decreases
    • Fibrosis causes thickness to increase, so less oxygen can get through and the time to get through increases
    • Partial Pressure is maintained throughout capillary
  4. If the molecular weight drops and solubility increases, what happens to Diffusion coefficient?
    • It will increase
    • **This means that the specific gas will be more readily absorbed
  5. What does body size, gender and age do to diffusion capacity (DL)?
    • Body size = increase
    • Gender = Male = increase
    • Age = decrease
  6. What are the three methods of gases being used in the body?
    • Dissolved: Nitrogen
    • Bound : O2 to Hgb
    • Modified: CO2 to HCO3-
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