Bible test 2

  1. what were the two things that bothered the Sanhedrin when they arrested peter and john?
    Teaching the people and preaching the resurrection
  2. what was the people’s response to the message?
    Church continued to grow
  3. who was annias? Caiaphas?
    Annas-high priest who used to be recognized by the romans but now just by the jews. Caiaphas was high priest who the romans recognized
  4. what was the source of peter’s boldness?
    Holy spirit
  5. what are the ways peter’s speech in 8-12 could get him in trouble?
    old scripture use, no salvation, healing a lane man
  6. what OT text did peter interpret in this speech?
    Psalm 118
  7. what was the dilemma of the sanhedrin with regard to the two apostles?
    Lame man is standing before us well
  8. what prohibition did the council make?
    No more teaching and preaching in jesus name
  9. how did peter and john answer?
    No way, cant do that…they refused
  10. give two reason peter and john were released?
    No charge, problem with the people, lame man is well
  11. how did the church address God in their prayer? why?
    Sovergien lord- show how much greater god is than the sanheidren
  12. what two fold request was made in the prayer?
    Continue to do signs and wonders, boldness
  13. how were these two things fulfilled?
    Continued to preach with boldness, more signs and wonders
  14. what is the nature of the summary statement in vss. 32-37?
    Most of it is generosity of church and sharing with others especially barnabus, one vs about boldness in preaching
  15. what are the contrasting examples about attitudes to money?
    Barnabas, Ananias and Sapphira
  16. how does barnabas figure later in Acts?
    He is pauls companion on his first tour, barnabus vouches for paul when he is converted
  17. Chapter 5 what was the two fold nature of the sin of Ananias and Sapphira?
    Greed, lying, desire to be prominent
  18. what other examples are found in luke and acts of opposition between satan and the spirit?
    Temptation of jesus, judas betraying jesus, pauls first ministry
  19. what surprising statement did peter make to Ananias?
    Ananias, why has satan filled your heart to lie to the holy spirit?
  20. how was sapphira given a chance to repent?
    Peter said did you sell the land for x amount and she said yes. He gave her a chance to confess
  21. what is the lesson of the ananias and sapphira story?
    Don’t lie to god, the Holy Spirit. Church is to be characterized by purity
  22. what were the reactions to the apostles in vss 12-16?
    Fear, amazement, interest in what they are saying
  23. what was the role of peter’s shadow?
    Either agency of people being healed or people thought it was
  24. what new kind of healing do we find in vs 16?
    Casting out of unclean spirits (demons)
  25. what was the motive for the arrest of all the apostles?
  26. when releasing the apostles, what did the angel tell them to do?
    Go back to the temple and preach
  27. what were the two witnesses to the validity of Peter's words in 29-32?
    Holy spirit, personal witness
  28. why did the soldiers arrest the apostles without violence?
    Afraid of being stoned by the people
  29. was the advice of Gamaliel followed?
    Yes kept them from being kill but no did not keep them from being mistreated
  30. besides what the text says, what do we know about Gamaliel?
    Father is founder of the school of mercy??????
  31. How does luke use the story of Gamaliel theologically?
    v. 39 this is of god- you will not be able to withstand
  32. what kind of beating was given the apostles?
    Bad, no light punishment
  33. what was their reaction to the beatings?
    Rejoice that they could suffer for Christ
  34. what new kind of preaching took place, according to 42?
    Preaching in the homes
  35. Chapter 6 what was the “presenting problem” in the murmuring in vs 1?
    Hellenistic widows not being fed
  36. what was probably the real problem?
    Tentions between Hebrews and hellenists
  37. distinguish hebrews and hellenists.
    Hebrews are jews that live in Palestine. Hellenists jews that live outside the city
  38. what were to be the qualities of the seven?
    Good repute ,Full of the spirit and wisdom
  39. what are five references to the spirit with regard to stephen?
    Chapter 6:3, 6:5, 6:10, 7:51, 7:55
  40. what are the “brackets” around the story in 6:1-7?
    Two statements around the growth of the church
  41. what were the reasons for the leaders laying hands on the seven?
    To set them apart for the work
  42. what is the first non-apostolic working of signs and wonders?
    Chapter 6:8- Stephen
  43. what new kind of preaching did stephen do?
    Synagogue preaching
  44. where were the charges against stephen?
    Blasphemy against Moses and God, and that he speaks against the law
  45. what are the parallels between the trials of stephen and jesus?
    Stirred up the people, brought before the Sanhedrin, face of an angel
  46. Chapter 7 what are the three basic themes of stephen’s sermon?
    The answer to the charges against him, he indicts the jews who have rejected moses, some kind of preparation for the gentile mission
  47. how does stephen answer the charges about god? about moses?
    Stephen becomes the plaintive, Stephen indicts them for their wrongs
  48. how does this sermon differ from previous sermons in chapters 2 and 3?
    mentions the death and resurrection in 2 and 3, where this sermon barely talks about it
  49. what does stephen say about moses that is not in the OT (v22)?
    powerful in words and deeds
  50. what was the attitude of the people to moses (vss 35-41)?
    rejected him
  51. who forced moses to leave egypt, compared to the OT?
    The ot was bc of fear of pharoh. Nt is bc of his own country man
  52. what is luke’s point in vs 25 in relation to the OT?
  53. Vs 25 is not in the old testament…it is added by Stephen
  54. what are the implications of the words about the tabernacle and temple in 44-50?
  55. That the people want to make the temple a place where god lives. Almost worship the temple. Stephen is saying that god doesn’t dwell on earth
  56. how does stephen describe the sanhedrin in 51-54?
    Stiff necked, uncircumcised in heart and ears, resisting the holy spirit, killing the righteous on (vs 52), claimed law was ordained by angel but you don’t keep it (vs 53)
  57. what are the paralles between the deaths of jesus and of stephen?
  58. Lord jesus receive my spirit, don’t hold this sin against them, Stephen gazes into heaven and sees jesus at right hand of god
  59. what is the first reference to jesus in this sermon?
    Vs 52 – righteous one
  60. how many prophets does the OT tell us were killed?
    2, zacariah and ______
  61. how does luke describe the rage of the crowd?
    Vs 54 nashed teeth, vs 57 covered ears and shouted, dragged him out of city and stoned him
  62. what was the vision given to stephen?
    jesus standing at right hand of god
  63. what does Son of Man mean?
  64. what was the significance of jesus standing?
    Out of concern for his martyr, to bear witness to Stephen, standing to welcome Stephen into glory
  65. describe Saul from the information given in the NT.
  66. Chapter 8 what are the places the gospel went, according to chaps. 8-11?
    Samaria, Ethiopia, Damascus, Lida, Jaba, Cesarea
  67. who did not flee jerusalem when the persecution came?
    The apostles
  68. what was the message preached by philip?
    Kingdom of god, jesus Christ in baptism
  69. what was the nature of first century magic?
    Attempt to manipulate invisible spiritual powers
  70. what are the reasons for saying simon’s conversion was genuine?
    Believed and baptized (same as others, not told to be baptized again but repent and pray)
  71. what was John’s previous experience with samaritans?
    Jesus was not welcomed in a samaritan village so James and John asked if they should call down fire from heaven to destroy them
  72. why did the spirit come on the samaritans in an unusual way?
    To demonstrate that the converstion of Samaritans was accepted by jerusalem????
  73. how does the story of simon show the difference between grace and works?
    Simon wants to buy the holy spirit, cant buy it because it’s a gift
  74. what was simon’s last word?
    Pray for me
  75. what are the divine interventions in the story of the eunuch?
    The angel tells Philip to go south, the spirit tells Philip to join the chariot, when the enuch was baptized the spirit took Philip
  76. what was the eunuch reading?
    Isaiah 53
  77. what was the significance of this text?
    From this text Philip preached Christ
  78. what is the meaning or significance of Candace?
    Title of the Ethiopian queen
  79. what was the religion of the eunuch?
    Convert to judism
  80. why did the eunuch desire baptism? what in the story implies he did?
    He said here is water why cant I be baptized?
  81. how does this text indicate immersion?
    both went down into the water and Philip baptized him
  82. Chapter 9why did saul go to damascus?
    To find Christians and bring them back to Jerusalem
  83. what was saul’s psychology when the voice said “I am Jesus”?
    He realized how wrong he was
  84. what are the times in this chapter where there were reservations about saul, because he had been so bad?
    Ananias not wanting to go to saul, when he preaches in Damascus he is opposed, when he goes back to Jerusalem they don’t believe he is a Christian
  85. what was the message to ananias and to saul?
    saul would carry God's name to the gentiles
  86. what was the reaction in the synagogues when saul began preaching ?
    Amazement, jaw dropping
  87. what was the role of barnabas when saul returned to jerusalem?
    Barnabus said he is ok, one of us
  88. what is the relation of Acts 9 to Gal. 1 and 2?
  89. what two episodes about peter’s activities come at the end of this chapter?
    Healing lame Aeneas, raising Tabitha from the dead
  90. how is the raising of dorcas connected to the raising of jairus’ daughter by Jesus?
    Talitha, Tabitha
  91. what was the significance of peter staying with a tanner?
    Tanners are unclean
  92. what is the reference to the church in galilee (31)? why is this unusual?
    b/c there is not much about galilee in lukes writing
  93. Chapter 10what activity prepared both cornelius and Peter for messages from god?
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