Pre-Law Midterm

  1. George Washington
    • Worshipped by Anglican congregation
    • Most liberal of free thinkers
    • Influenced by Chistianity and free masonry
    • Warm diest
    • Didn't take communion
    • Died of Acute Epiglottitis caused by influenza
  2. Thomas Jefferson
    • Learned from sister
    • Went to College of William and Mary - didn't drink
    • Scottish Enlightenment - conrcerned with individual rights, rule of reason, self-improvement and self-government
    • Skilled Fiddler
    • Compse Virginia Statute for Religious freedom in 1777
    • Passionate concern for religious freedom
    • Separated Church and State
  3. James Madison
    • Short and Thin
    • Congressman at age 29
    • Father of the Constitution at 34
    • Co-authored The Federalist with Hamilton and John Jay
    • Secretary under Jefferson
    • Pres for 2 terms
    • Studied Theology and Law but didn't beleive he could be a lawyer or minister
    • Possible epilepsy
    • Voted against in 1777 b/c he oppsed alcohol on voting day
    • Lifelong opposition of slavery
    • Purpose of The Federalist was so people would adopt the constitution
  4. John Adams
    • Didn't beleive men could attain perfection
    • Blamed journalist for making up stories about french and german mistresses
    • died July 4, 1826 - 50 yrs. after declaration of independence
  5. John Marshall
    • 4th Chief Justice of Supreme Court
    • Underestimated b/c of appearance
    • Didn't take communion b/c didn't feel worthy - made others question his faith
    • Gave secret gifts to help others
    • Beleived women were equal to men
    • Animosity towards Jefferson (cousins)
  6. Patrick Henry
    • Married at 18
    • Lawyer at 27
    • 1775 - called for resistence to Britain's colonial policy (Give me Liberty or Give me Death)
    • Great Speaker
    • Governor - turned down national offices
    • 1st governor as common wealth rather than colony
    • Changed from radical to Federalist
    • Strongly opposed Jefferson's separation of Church and State - very christian
    • Winning of American Independence was Henry's final goal but for Jefferson and Madison, it was only the beginnig
    • Proposed 4 denomonations
  7. Alexander Hamilton
    • Federalist
    • Mother ran away from forced marriage, wasn't allowed to marry Hamilton's father - considered bastard child
    • Scotsman - son of merchant
    • Father deserted him, mother died, maternal relative committed suicide
    • Ran import-export firm at 17
    • Was in the military - wanted to be colonel
    • Came to North America in 1774
    • Studied under Knox who installed hatred of slavery in him
    • Washington's secretary 1777-1781
    • Co-authored The Federalist with Adams and Jay
    • Wanted to run for Pres, fought with other federalist (Burr) - voted for Jefferson
    • Died in a dual with Burr in his late 40's
    • Came from nothing, built life for himself
    • Financial genius - died broke
  8. Federalists
    beleived Ameria was waiting to be developed and wanted it to be recognized by world, people motivated by impulses
  9. Republicans
    Beleived in smaller government, people can be trusted to make the right decisions, candidates of the people
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