History Test 10

  1. Margaret Mitchell
    Wrote "gone by the wind"
  2. Social Security Act
    Established gut funding for unemployed and elderly
  3. Roosevelts Three R's
    Recovery, Reform, Relief
  4. T.V.A.
    • Most far reaching of all New Deal
    • (Tennessee Valley Authority)
  5. Farces Perkins
    1st woman in Cabinet
  6. John Steinbeck
    Grapes of Wrath
  7. Clarence Day
    Wrote Life With Father
  8. Potsdam Declaration
    Issued upon unconditional surrender
  9. Navajo code talkers
    indians helped US with secret messages
  10. Lend-Lease act
    Helped GB buy from US on credit
  11. Selective Service Act
    16-65, to register for draft
  12. Neutrality Act of 1937
    People paid cash, no credit
  13. Nuremberg, Germany
    Nazi Trial Locations
  14. Fighting Red Tails
    Sunk a german destroyer (black US fighter Pilots)
  15. Sudetenland
    Czecheslovakia (germany Stole)
  16. Battle of the Coral Sea
    1st battle where they didnt see eachother
  17. UN charter
    Drafted in San Francisco
  18. Hiroshima
    • Atomic Bomb
    • August 6, 1945
  19. Sapipan
    Base of Japanese Defenses
  20. Battle of Midway
    Turning point in the war
  21. Agricultural Adjustment Act
    reduced food supply raising food prices
  22. The good Neighbor Policy
    US and Latin American Friendship
  23. Huey Long
    Opposed New Deal
  24. John Maynard Keynes
    FDR adopted his policies for the new Deal
  25. Emergency banking Relief Act
    Gave the President power with Banks
  26. Vidkin Quisling
    Nazi Puppet Government
  27. Claire Chennault
    led "flying Tigers" in China
  28. Erwin Rommel
    Led Africa Korps (desert Fox)
  29. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    • Landslide win in 1932
    • (more than 2 consecutive terms)
  30. Jimmy Doolittle
    Led bombing of Tokyo and Japanese Cities
  31. John Lewis
    Head of United Mine Workers - CIO
  32. Herbert Hoover
    • Secretary of Commerce under Harding.
    • blamed for the depression.
  33. Kate Smith
    God bless America
  34. Thronton Wilder
    Playwright "our Town"
  35. Cordell Hull
    US secretary of State
  36. The New Deal
    Recommendations for economic recovery
  37. Luft Waffe
    German Air force
  38. Axis Powers
    Germany, Italy, Japan
  39. 21st Amendment
    Legalized sale of liquor
  40. Holocaust
    6 million Jews were killed
  41. V-E day, V-J day
    • ve may 8 1945
    • vj sept 2 1945
  42. Manhatten Project
    Atomic Bomb, Largest Project.
  43. Charles de Gaulle
    Leader of Free French
  44. Winston Churchill
    Prime Minister of GB during World war II
  45. Adolf Hitler
    • German Communist leader
    • Dur Feurer
  46. Douglas MacArthur
    • Commander in Philippines
    • US Against Japan
  47. Francisco France
    Dictator of Spain
  48. Haile Selassie I
    Ethiopian Emperor
  49. Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Commander of Allies in Europe
  50. Benito Mussolini
    Italy Fascist Dictator
  51. Joseph Stalin
    Soviet, Communist leader, succeeded lenin.
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