Nevada School Law

  1. When can the state ok Charter Schools?
    SPED only or when denied by the state
  2. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of '64
    Protects employees against sexual discrimination
  3. Hortonville Joint District v. Hortonville Educ. Assoc.
    Upheld dismissal of striking teachers employed in a state in which such strikes are prohibited
  4. Title IX of the Education Amendments of '74
    Prohibits sex discrimination
  5. Board of Regents of State Colleges v. Roth Perry v. Sinderman
    Gives tenure to post-probitionary teachers
  6. Pickering v. Board of Ed.
    Teachers enjoy a limited 1st amendment right to express opinions criticizing the actions of school admin.
  7. What article of the NV Constitution deals with education?
    Article 11
  8. Who must approve all textbooks?
    The State Board of Ed.
  9. Who issues all teacher licenses? Who determines the requirements?
    Superintendent of Instruction Commission of Prof. Standards in Ed.
  10. Which one of the school districts is the oddball? Why?
    Carson City-only one not patterned on school district boundaries
  11. What does the NV Open Meeting Law require?
    All meetings except student disciplinary meetings and union meetings.
  12. Meritor Standards for sexual harrassment
    Must be considered harrassment by a normal, reasonable person and be experienced as such.
  13. Quid pro quo non quid pro quo
    Something for something actions or verbal messages creating an offensive, hostile, or initimidating work environment.
  14. Henson v. Dundee
    makes connections between racial and gender barriers
  15. Harris v. Forklift
    1994-est. that abusive work environment no longer requires evidence of serious phsychological damage.
  16. Franklin v. Gwinett PS
    Est. that monetary damages could be recovered when schools were indifferent to sexual harrassment. Previous punishment was limited to with holding of fed. funds.
  17. Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent SD
    Held that under Title IX damages could only be collected if the student had notified a school official of the harrassment.
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