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  1. paper
    We write on paper.
  2. we
    We went to the park.
  3. I
    I am smart.
  4. go
    Green means go!
  5. music
    I listen to music.
  6. my
    My car is fast.
  7. York
    I live on York Street.
  8. Jason
    Jason is a boy's name.
  9. David
    David is a boy's name.
  10. Carla
    Carla is a girl's name.
  11. Lopez
    Lopez is a last name.
  12. class
    I go to class to read.
  13. snack
    I had an apple for a snack.
  14. study
    I study every night!
  15. listen
    Listen to your wife.
  16. write
    Let's write a story.
  17. sentence
    Is it a sentence?
  18. ham
    I will have a ham sandwich.
  19. hamburger
    I would like a hamburger for dinner.
  20. milk
    I will drink some milk.
  21. drink
    Can I have some beer to drink.
  22. I'll
    I'll means I will.
  23. sandwich
    I want a sandwich for lunch.
  24. salad
    I do not want a salad for lunch.
  25. coffee
    I need coffee at breakfast.
  26. April
    April is a month.
  27. baby
    I am having a baby.
  28. lady
    My wife is a lady.
  29. table
    I sit at the table for dinner.
  30. radio
    I listen to the radio.
  31. love
    I love my wife.
  32. month
    This month has thirty days.
  33. me
    It is all up to me.
  34. apartment
    I live in an apartment.
  35. Rosa
    Rosa is Carla's baby.
  36. baby-sitter
    I need a baby-sitter on Saturday.
  37. instant
    I hate instant potatoes!
  38. potatoes
    We will have potatoes with dinner.
  39. pat
    I need a pat of butter.
  40. water
    I need a sip of water.
  41. pay
    Friday is pay day.
  42. May
  43. Kay
    Kay is a girl's name.
  44. Ray
    Ray is a boy's name.
  45. play
    You can play at the park.
  46. away
    They went away in May.
  47. rent
    I rent my apartment.
  48. spent
    I spent all my money.
  49. had
    I had a salad for lunch.
  50. next
    Next week we will read a book.
  51. last
    Last week I went to the river.
  52. card
    They play cards at night.
  53. check
    I got a check on payday.
  54. Mason
    The Mason's went away.
  55. hundred
    I have a hundred dollars.
  56. today
    Today is a good day to read!
  57. yesterday
    Yesterday I went to the park.
  58. payday
    I can't wait for payday.
  59. bank
    I went to the bank with my check.
  60. your
    This is your last card.
  61. nail
    Don't step on the nail!
  62. Gail
    Gail is a girl's name.
  63. paid
    I paid for lunch.
  64. hair
    My wife has long hair.
  65. chair
    I sit in the chair.
  66. stairs
    I will paint the stairs green.
  67. shall
    I shall go to the bank.
  68. gray
    Gray is my favorite color.
  69. ever
    Don't ever stop reading.
  70. never
    I never go a day without reading.
  71. OK
    It is OK to go to the park.
  72. landlady
    The landlady wants the rent.
  73. quart
    I need a quart of paint.
  74. gallon
    I need a gallon of milk.
  75. bake
    I will bake a cake.
  76. take
    I will take a plate of cake.
  77. Jane
    Jane is a girl's name.
  78. ate
    I ate some cake.
  79. plate
    The plate is green.
  80. care
    Take care of her.
  81. yet
    Don't go yet!
  82. still
    I still have not had cake.
  83. came
    I came home late today.
  84. gave
    I gave the book to her.
  85. where
    Where are you going?
  86. there
    There is a lot to do.
  87. church
    I go to church on Sunday.
  88. party
    I will go to the party.
  89. wedding
    The wedding is on Saturday.
  90. yourself
    Help yourself to cake.
  91. frame
    I have a picture frame.
  92. date
    What is today's date?
  93. much
    Thank you very much!
  94. dear
    "My letter starts with Dear Joseph"""
  95. we
    We are going to the store.
  96. see
    I can see you.
  97. he
    He is a boy.
  98. tree
    Did the car hit the tree?
  99. wheel
    the car's wheel is green.
  100. teeth
    Did you brush your teeth?
  101. sleep
    I want to go to sleep.
  102. Lee
    Lee is a boy's name.
  103. Green
    Mr. Green is here.
  104. need
    I need to read.
  105. beer
    I like beer.
  106. it's
    It's half past three.
  107. late
    I am late for work.
  108. face
    Her face is red.
  109. again
    Don't say that again.
  110. angry
    I am not angry.
  111. wasn't
    I wasn't there.
  112. didn't
    I didn't go to the party.
  113. meat
    I don't eat meat.
  114. meal
    I had a meal of a salad and tea.
  115. beans
    I like to eat beans.
  116. tea
    I like to drink tea.
  117. teacher
    Listen to the teacher.
  118. please
    Please listen to me.
  119. each
    Each cup of tea is hot.
  120. cheap
    Don't be cheap.
  121. eaten
    I have eaten the salad.
  122. cheese
    I like cheese.
  123. people
    People are very nice.
  124. best
    You are the best!
  125. something
    This sentence is about something.
  126. ad
    The TV has ads on it.
  127. Pete
    Pete is a boy's name.
  128. key
    I need a key to open the door.
  129. Steve
    Steve is a boy's name.
  130. these
    I want these apples.
  131. evening
    Let's go in the evening.
  132. valley
    I live in River Valley.
  133. money
    I want more money.
  134. clean
    I don't like to clean.
  135. teach
    I like to teach.
  136. keep
    I will keep the apple.
  137. week
    This is a long week.
  138. here
    I am here!
  139. make
    I will make dinner.
  140. save
    I need to save money.
  141. place
    Is this the right place?
  142. repair
    Can you repair the car?
  143. Saturday
    Today is Saturday.
  144. second
    It is the second of the month.
  145. third
    This is the third time you came here.
  146. tax
    You have to pay tax.
  147. part
    I need the part for the car.
  148. labor
    What does the labor cost?
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