Vocab Unit 2

  1. Available
    • Ready to use; at hand
    • Syn. Obtainable, on hand
    • Ant. Unobtainable, not to be had
  2. Cater
    • To satisfy the needs of; to make easy or pleasant; to supply food or service
    • Syn. pamper, indulge, gratify, provide
    • Ant. frustrate, deny, refuse
  3. Customary
    • Usual, expected, routine
    • Syn. regular, normal, traditional
    • Ant. strange, odd, unusual, untraditional
  4. Dissuade
    • To persuade not to do something
    • Syn. discourage, talk out of
    • Ant. persuade, talk into
  5. Entreprenaur
    • A person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business
    • Syn. businessman, impresario
  6. Firebrand
    • A burning piece of wood; a troublemaker; an extremely energetic or emotional person
    • Syn. hothead, agitator, rabble-rouser
    • Ant. peacemaker, pacifier, conciliator
  7. Hazard
    • (n.) a risk or peril (v.) to expose to danger or harm; to gamble
    • Syn. (n.) danger (v.) venture
  8. Homicide
    • the killing of one person by another
    • Syn. manslaughter, murder
  9. Indifference
    • Lack of interest of concern
    • Syn. apathy, unconcern
    • Ant. interest, concern, enthusiasm
  10. Indignant
    • Filled with resentment or anger over something unworthy, unjust, or mean
    • Syn. offended, resentful, outraged, exasperated
    • Ant. pleased, delighted, overjoyed, elated
  11. Indispensable
    • Absolutely necessary; not to be neglected
    • Syn. essential, crucial, vital
  12. Lubricate
    • To apply oil or grease; to make smooth, slippery or easier to use
    • Syn. oil, grease
  13. Mutual
    • Shared, felt, or shown by two or more
    • Syn. two-sided, joint, shared, reciprocal
    • Ant. one-sided, unilateral
  14. Pelt
    • To throw a stream of things; to strike successively; to hurry
    • Syn. bombard, shower, pepper
  15. Plague
    • (n.) An easily spread disease causing a large number of deaths (v.) to annoy or bother
    • Syn. (n.) epidemic, pestilane (v.) pester, vex
    • Ant. (n.) boon, blessing
  16. Poised
    • Balanced, suspended; calm, controlled; ready for action
    • Syn. collected, self-confident, ready
    • Ant. nervous, tense
  17. Regime
    • A government in power; a form or system of rule or management; a period of rule
    • Syn. administration, rule
  18. Retard
    • To make slow, delay, hold back
    • Syn. slow down, restrain, impede
    • Ant. hasten, speed up
  19. Transparent
    • Allowing light to pass through; easily recognized or understood; easily seen through or detected
    • Syn. clear, translucent, obvious
    • Ant. frosted, sooty, smoky, unclear, indistinct
  20. Unscathed
    • Wholly unharmed; not injured
    • Syn. unhurt, sound, intact, unimpaired
    • Ant. injured, damaged, harmed, hurt
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