ltc exam

  1. Horizontal integration
    two or more organizations provide similar services at the same level of care

    ex: a chain of nursing facilities owned by a national or regional form
  2. vertical intergration
    intergration of organizations offering services at different levels of care

    ex: combination of hospitals, nursing facilities, home care
  3. virtual intergration
    integration of services between similiar services and between different levels in such a way as all share responsibility of the care given

  4. groups of people that use long term care
    • elderly
    • disabled
    • mentally ill
    • developmental disabled
  5. ADLs
    • Activities of daily living
    • -eating
    • -bathing
    • -dressing
    • -toileting
    • -maintaining continence
    • -getting out a bed or chair
  6. IADLs
    Instrumental activities of daily living

    • -preparing meals
    • -shopping for routine items
    • -managing money
    • -disease prevention
  7. Changes that have effected LTC
    • - advertising
    • -competing for consumers
    • -survive alone to mergers
    • -improvement of medicine
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