AP Gov Terms Ch. 19

  1. entitlements
    benefits provided to all eligible citizens
  2. means-tested entitlements
    programs where applicants need to meet eligibility requirements based on need to recieve benefits
  3. public assitance
  4. social insurance
    programs where eligibility is based on prior contributions to the government, usually based on payroll taxes
  5. Social Security
    combination of multiple entitlements and benefits to help the elderly, the disabled, ect ect
  6. Medicaid
    provides medical benefits for low-income people
  7. Medicare
    provides medical benefits for the elderly
  8. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
    alternative means of healthcare where people/employer are charged a set amount and HMO provides healthcare and covers hospital costs
  9. medical savings account
    alternative healthcare method where people can make tax-deductable contributions to a special savings account that can later be used to cover medical costs
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AP Gov Terms Ch. 19
Chapter 19 - making social policy