sensory disorders

  1. synthesia
    • blending of the senses
    • seeing sounds or hearing colors
  2. visual field neglect
    • caused by damage to one side of the primary visual cortex
    • the brain can't process and replicate the part of an image
  3. agnosia
    loss of knowledge
  4. visual agnosia
    difficulty recognizing objects
  5. prosopagnosia
    difficulty recognizing faces
  6. broca's aphasia
    • damage to broca's area
    • can comprehend speech but speech production is impaired
  7. wenicke's aphasia
    • aka word deafness
    • impairs speech comprehension while speech production is vague or meaningless
  8. conduction aphasia
    inability to repeat spoken words
  9. anosmia
    loss of smell
  10. total anosmia
    very rare but results in an absolute loss of smell
  11. ageusia
    lost sense of taste
  12. total ageusia
    • complete loss of taste
    • very rare
  13. hypogeusia
    decreased perception of taste
  14. dysgeusia
    distorted sense of taste
  15. congenital absence of pain
    • normal skin sensations but cannot perceive pain
    • very rare genetic defect
    • dangerous in that you can't sense danger
  16. parkinson's disease
    • progressive loss of substantia nigra
    • resting tremors, hard time executing and starting intentional movement (akinesia).
  17. huntington's disease
    • progressive loss of dopamine neurons in the caudate/putamen
    • jerky random movement
  18. myasthenia gravis
    • autoimmune disorder
    • immune systems sees ACh receptors as foreign and eliminates them
    • rapidly fatigued face muscles
  19. multiple sclerosis
    • autoimmune disorder
    • immune system attacks oligodendricytes and schwann cells to eliminate myelin production
    • nerve signals happen slower
    • visual disruption and muscle weakness
  20. myopia
  21. hyperopia
  22. monochromacy
    • total colorblindness
    • lack of all cones
  23. protanopia
    lack of red cones
  24. deuternopia
    lack of green cones
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