1. reticent
    reserved; uncommunicative; inclined to be silent
  2. subversive
    tending to overthrow or destroy
  3. tableau
    dramatic scene or picture
  4. uncanny
    weird; strange
  5. viliant
    courageous; brave
  6. wary
    cautious; watchful
  7. zenith
    the highest point
  8. alleviate
    to lessen; to releive
  9. banal
    common; ordinary; trite
  10. component
    element; ingredient
  11. detached
    emotionally removed; calm and objective; indifferent
  12. esoteric
    hard to understand; known only to the chosen few
  13. incorporate
    introduce something into a larger whole; combine; unite
  14. plagerize
    steal another's idea and pass them off as one's owm
  15. revert
    respectful; worshipful
  16. superficial
    trivial; shallow
  17. altruistic
    unselfishly generous; concerned for others
  18. barbarous
    uncultured; crude
  19. compromise
    adjust or settle be making mutual concessions; endangered the interest or reputation of
  20. deterrent
    something that discourages; hindrance
  21. espouse
    adopt; support
  22. facetious
    joking; sarcastic
  23. garble
    to distort
  24. haggard
    word out from sleeplessness, grief, etc.
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