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  1. After creation in the Bone marrow, where do the B and T-cells go for maturation?
    • B: Bone Marrow
    • T: Thymus
  2. What T-cell is different by increasing with age?
    Tc (cytotoxic b/c there are more tumors and cancers to take care of later in life)
  3. What are the four secondary lymph tissues?
    • Lymph nodes
    • Spleen
    • MALT
    • Tonsils
  4. What is the main function of the lymph node?
    Filter lymphocytes and help present antigens for activation
  5. What secondary lymph organ filters blood?
  6. What is the difference b/t Red and white pulp in the spleen?
    • Red = RBC phagocytosis
    • White = lymphatics
  7. What 3 areas do the tonsils filter?
    Nasal, oral, pharyngeal
  8. What happens to CD4 T-cells as the thymus ages?
    Production decreases
  9. How do lymphocytes enter and leave the Lymph nodes?
    • Enter via HEV
    • Leave via Efferent lymphatic vessels
  10. How do DC enter the lymph nodes with antigens?
    Afferent lymphatic vessels
  11. Are the lymphatics and blood independent of one another?
  12. What are the components of extravasation that allow a lymphocyte to dock?
    • CAMS:
    • 1) Integrins
    • 2) Selectins
  13. Which is more limited, B or T-cell migration?
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