Environmental Science

  1. Green Revolution. Success and Problems.
    The revolution introduced new tech,crop varities and farming practices to the developing world. Advanced crop yields and prevented starvation.Also created problems through by overuse of water,fossil fuels,pollution from fertilizers and pesticides,worsened erosion,salinix=zation and desertfifcation.
  2. Pesticides
    chemicals that kill pest organisms
  3. Pesticide Resistance
    small fraction of these pests may have genes that enable them to be immune to pesticides.Surviving insects after applications will increase in number.
  4. Describe the impacts of GM Crops
    fewer pesticide applocationsreduced use of fossil fuel, better products, however, some feared the food may be dangerous to eat. Another concern-they dont have to be labeled for the consumers
  5. Feedlots
    huge warehous or pens designed to deliver energy rich food to animals living at extremely
  6. Pros and Cons of feedlots?
    allow for greater production of food but they contribute to water and air pollution, animals are injected with steriods to stimulate growth and antibiotics to control disease
  7. Pros and Cons of Aquaculture?
    help ensure a reliable protein source, reduces overharvesting of fish and declining wild stocks, can be energy efficient. However, can increase disease and virsus outbreaks,may spread disease to native stock
  8. Sustainable Agriculture
    dosent deplete soils faster than they forms, dosent reduce the amount of healthy soil, clean water and genetic diversity essential to long term crop and wildstock production.
  9. Organic Agriculture
    crops grown free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticide, not genetically engineered, livestock does not get hormone or antibiotic treatment, animals must have access to the outdoors
  10. Greenhouse efffect
    natural phenomenon greenhouse gases trap heat and warm the lower atmosphere
  11. Greenhouse Gases
    atmospheric gases that asorb heat
  12. Genetically Motified Organisms
    organisms that have been genetically engineered using a technique called recombinant dna technology
  13. Recombinant DNA
    dna that has been patened together from dna of multiple organisms
  14. Biotechnology
    biological science to create products derived from organisms
  15. Golden Rice
    causes dirrehea, blindness
  16. Milankovitch
    cycles natural, cyclical changes in the earths rotation and orbit around the sun
  17. Solar Output
    the sun varies in the amount of radaition it emits
  18. Ocean Absorption
    absorbs CO2, but slower than were adding to the atmosphere
  19. El Nino
    normal conditions winds puch warm water towards western pacific. contitions winds weaken, warm water flows backwards towards s.america. alters weather patterns worldwide
  20. North Atlantic Deep Water
    giant heat pump in the atlantic if shut down, N.America and Europe would be colder.
  21. Ice Cores
    trap bundles that contain small samples of the antient atmosphere
  22. Coupled General Circulation Models
    predicitive software for climate change
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